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    YSUO and possible Logon problems

    Working Well Just as an FYI - (and I'm sure I'm a bit late in sharing) - once you patch the base and update Razor to the latest version, things work just peachy :-)
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    Tales of My Demise ...

    Alas, I will not be around as I've been summoned by the Necromancer High Council to appear and defend Talyan's latest actions in a far off land called "Dallas." After she is done with the Council, I fear that she will be all that is left standing :) However, I shall return by the 7th and will...
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    Tales of My Demise ...

    ... have been greatly exaggerated, I am pleased to report! After having been whisked away by the evil troll-mage who's only known as "The Bar" (must be what he whacks people over the head with), but I was able to escape with simply a few bruises. Having trudged through the darkness to return...
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    The Amazing Race YSUO !!

    "Rules" or Whatever Would Pass for Them Since I've been asked for some details, here are the "rules": 1. Characters: This event should (technically) be able to be completed by any character (even a brand new one - so come join YSUO and play along!). 2. Dungeons: The race will NOT lead...
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    The Amazing Race YSUO !!

    <center> The Amazing Race YSUO is coming!! Saturday June 3, 2006 7:30 PM Eastern (unless people want later) Starting From The Bagball Field South of Luna Come out and have some fun! Adventure, puzzles, prizes! (Afterparty at Haze's Bar) </center> The Dread Lady Talyan, Legendary Necromancer
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    Grand Opening! Bytor's Magiks!

    Bytor's Magiks! Open for business! (The Upright Lady, Proprietor) Specializing in Lower Reagent Cost and Reflect Physical Damage armors! Both high end and bargain basement Bracelets and rings also!! 3 South Street Luna, Malas
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    Lo! The Carnage Continues!

    Apparently they've found us! After having moved most of our homes from Trammel over to Malas, the trolls (and their cohorts found us). Yestereve, an invading army of orcs (and orc brutes!), trolls, ratmen, as well as several ancient wyrms (including a paragon version) attempted to invade Luna...
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    Treasure Hunt (Mar 18th)

    Pets?? You mentioned no fighting pet -- does that include summoned creatures via spells? Or just those pets that were tamed (ie, white wyrms, etc)?
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    Treasure Hunt (Mar 18th)

    Only question I have is this (and I asked Haze once but thought an answer here would help anyone else considering participating): Most "treasure chests" require someone able to pick the lock to open it. Does one need to be one with "nimble fingers"? Thanks for posting an answer here too! :D...
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    More Events at YSUO?

    Sorry haven't been around -- things have been a bit hectic. I like the ideas :D I also suggested we could do a "naked footrace contest bracket type thingy." (yes, that the official term). Basically everyone wears only regular clothing and nothing in your backpacks. Then you have to...
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    The Challenge!!

    This evening, while Zaira, Eddy, and myself were sitting around talking, the gates began to appear again. At first it was one gate, bringing out a couple of mongbats. Then a couple of more gates appeared, until at one point about a dozen gates opened at once. Creatures spewed forth from the...
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    Who Let the Trolls Out?!?

    And So It Continues ... Well, whether it was Palasand's fault or not, it happened AGAIN tonight!! Trolls galore began porting in from their alternative trollish dimension, bringing with them death and despair for some, fame and karma for most :D So, as of tonight, I hold Palasand personally...
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    Who Let the Trolls Out?!?

    For those of you who were not online tonight, in a location where a few of us have our homes, the trolls showed up. In force. And they were salivating for human flesh! Hundreds and hundreds of trolls suddenly appeared from nowhere, invading homes, and spreading out in a wave of destruction...