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    Sybil is Back ; )

    RE's all! Good to be home again.
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    So what has everyone been up too?

    Slo, glad to see you decided to put the site back up. What changed your mind? Spell
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    Happy 4th of July!

    I hope everyone has a very happy 4th of July!! Don't party too hard! No tickets, no accidents and no problems!!
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    INN-vasion Reunion?

    Vegas INNVasion I can tell you that NWAngel was definately the Cruise director on the gatherings in Vegas. I know becuase RR and I helped her with stuff on some of them and we created the websited. As for the Vegas gatherings being the first... weeellll... there was this one bash out in Cali...
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    Installing the Inn CD

    Did the installed files I sent to you not work? The only issue I had with the install was that one of the Golf files reported an error.
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    Art Contest! Tee-Shirt Contest!

    What I want to know is.... Who's going to model the T-Shirts and are they going to be doused in Ale first? :twisted:
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    <Quietly slips through the door and finds a seat against the back wall. Not that an army couldn't march through the door and not distract anyone. Takes one look at Lil and smiles. Does a double-take on the dwarf and proceeds to puke in his hat.> Damn... that's scarier then En-Li-Kil! Good thing...
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    Chat Server /Client code for Discussion Part II

    What is this? I cannot find references to it anywhere. Spell
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    I'm lookin' fer...

    Wow, I remember all those names... I hope they show up. Spell
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    LOOKING FOR LOST MRAers & Other Friends

    Still playing games Leah, Yes, we are still playing at I-Realms. In fact they just came out with an update for EMpiriana Classic. Come join us :D Spell
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    Developement Notes of Slohand

    Character Information Slo, The character editor I sent to you might help in collecting some information about character stats and such. You or someone else migh want to glance over the source code. Spell
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    Recreating Yserbius, TNT (The Next Thread)

    As you wish I sent the source code. Please let me know what the interest level is like. Spell
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    Recreating Yserbius, TNT (The Next Thread)

    YS/Cawdor Char Editor Well, after several hours of hunting, I found a version of my source code. It is written in Borland Turbo C (Some relic version). I haven't touched C in almost 10 years. If anyone is interested, I can send it to Slo and he can make it available for download. Spell :D
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    Recreating Yserbius, TNT (The Next Thread)

    Recreating the YS community Slo, I would gladly assist in the development of this project. I have VB5, VS6 and VS.Net at my disposal. I think I have an old version of Photoshop around here as well. {Artistically Challenged}. As for the old YS, just before Ken and Roberta sold TSN I...
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    It's good to see the old place again

    re's Hey LG, LTNS! I guess life is treating you and Silver well. RubyRed and I are doing great. You should stop by at I-Realms/Empiriana some time. Cya, Spell