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    "Hey! Nice dress!"

    When I left the bar you still had your regular clothes on. It could be you had one to many and Axella decided to play a prank on you for not paying your child support.
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    Tell Santa What You Want!

    http://www.simonsezsanta.com/ I had him do all sorts of things. Some of the ones that I didn't think would work but did, were kill Rudolph, moon, pick nose and pee on Christmas tree. Navic must be involved with that site in some way. When you type in Drink Ale he will ask you to type it in...
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    While I was looking for some NPC's to escort I noticed a new quest in Buc's Den in Felucca. It starts in The Pirate's Plunder with Captain Jack Sparrow. Now I just have to find another pirate that smells bad. :D
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    Waldo has been found!

    Sweet! I was going broke after they stopped accepting the buy one, get one free coupons that I printed up for myself. At least it saved me a few million before they realized that they never handed out coupons. ;)
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    Waldo has been found!

    A month or so ago I seen the name for Waldo but didn't know how to get to him, just a little while ago I found the entrance on accident while looting a kill. Anyone know what the reward was up to for finding him? *hopes this is the right Waldo* With a dress like that no wonder Waldo is...
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    Have you stopped working on YS Classic

    I have lived in a little resort town for a lot of years and I can tell you that more people take vacations during the last few weeks of August, than any other time during the summer.
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    How did you get started????

    Let's see, I remember owning a game that had pong, hockey and something else on it, then I got the Atari 2600. After that it was the Commodore64, I still remember playing the Temple of Apshai Trilogy for hours on end.
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    Orc Invasion

    Lord British is a really nice guy, I'm sure he'll spring for a few rounds of ale if we win the fight. :D
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    It's good to see the old place again

    Tiger, for all you do, you did get a cookie from Slo to go with the Ale that Navic gave you. ;)
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    Tales of My Demise ...

    I knew it had to be those bloody trolls. Welcome back Rax, hope you and Catti are going to help in fighting off the orc invasion on the 4th.
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    Orcs are on the loose and they have a plan!

    Here is the latest on the orc invasion. Last night Vena, Gav and Drallam went out to check all the orc forts. When we checked the large orc fort between Luna and Umbra Gav and Vena went in one side while Drallam went in the other side. After killing all the orcs, including one very large...
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    Orcs are on the loose and they have a plan!

    Ouch! Sidd I need you to cast heal, I'm fresh out of bandages.
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    Orcs are on the loose and they have a plan!

    Ok, here's what happened last night. A bunch of us went to the Orc Cave and killed a Orc Commander, he looked different than the rest of the Orcs, he was red. Maybe he was mad or has high blood pressure from having to lead a bunch of Orcs. We all know that Orc's aren't the brightest Crayola...
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    Welcome Jandar

    Welcome Jandar. I think it's Navic's saying that the new guy buys the next round of ale. ;) *Sits on bar stool and waits for free ale*
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    I have been busy fighting the Orc's that think they own YSUO. As soon as I help put them in their place I'll be back to reclaim the 'King of the Arcade' title. :D
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    Orcs are on the loose and they have a plan!

    Orcs have been gathering in groups. When one group of orcs was killed Zaira found a book in one of their packs. All that it said was "Plans for Britain" or something like that, Zaira can tell you exactly what it said. The orcs seem to be up to something, we could use some help finding out...
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    Heed the call!!

    WoooHooo! King of the Arcade. I think that will last until Navic gets home from work. :D
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    Heed the call!!

    Is Adamnan your mother Tiger? It seems your Tetris high score took a beating. ;)
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    Forum Arcade Games

    Will the high score leader at the end of the month have their bar tab wiped off the books? That would get at least half the people here playing.
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    Arcade, Gold, and RPG features in forums now

    I'll keep an eye open for anything like that. *Sharpens sword and gets ready to go into RPG*