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    Article: Mimosa / Sundawg

    You can view the page at http://yserbius.org/content/131-Mimosa-Sundawg
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    INN Revival: Yserbius News

    Can Slohand Hey Can slohand or Tiger send out a mass email to all on their list of innrival so many more will come? It was so awesome playing last night, hope more find their way there.
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    YS Classic is here!!!

    I'm all alone Oh my gawd, I'm so excited and so jazzed to see this up and running, it's simply unreal. I love it but I'm all alone, someone join me soon. I'm INN, I'm INN, way cool
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    Report YS Online (Classic) Bugs Here Please

    Still not working, I pm'd Slohand to make sure that the password and username are working. Thanks
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    Report YS Online (Classic) Bugs Here Please

    Other information Here is my system information Windows XP 1.5 GB RAM 2.66 GHz Java Version 1.5.1._06 Cable Windows firewall disabled (no hardware firewall installed) No Virus Software Hardwired - CAT 5 exe.
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    Report YS Online (Classic) Bugs Here Please

    Got an error Wow, got so excited but when I clicked on Play I got this error Error: Connection refused: connect. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    YS Classic is here!!!

    Nope, no password or username yet. Is slohand around?
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    YS Classic is here!!!

    Username and password Slohand, Could I get a username and password please, would love to try it out. Thanks, Shel
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    YS Classic is here!!!

    I didn't get a reply :( I sent a pm needing a password and username too.
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    YS Classic is here!!!

    INNFreak, I would jump in but haven't gotten my stuff from slohand yet like password and name so guess I'll have to surf the net.
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    Hey there sister Hey Shamrock, Wow, I think of Chris all the time. He was so awesome, remember Knott's Berry Farm? Gawd, that was such a blast with all of us. What a night too. I miss him lots. I'll never forget meeting him the first time in Dallas, he was such a generious, gentle soul. And a...
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    YS Classic is here!!!

    okay, can someone just go from point a to b so I can do this, I'm so lame!!! LOL. I can't remember anything about anything anymore and need step by step directions!!! I can download itt....LOL...that's it. Thanks ahead of time. Shel
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    Who was this?

    There was a lot more to it that had nothing to do with INN. Just happens she was on INN that night before it all happened and talked about how she was scared. She was at a friends house the night before as well and they tried to get her to stay but she wanted to get back to the kids. So the next...
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    Mimosa / Sundawg

    Breakfast Club from Lance Lair Days. Mimosa / Sundawg was a great friend to many of us and we miss him dearly. Sweetroll.
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    Who was this?

    We will miss you dear Sharron. Wow, it's been so long. Your memorial, Sailing by Christopher Cross. Hope you are sailing as you wanted to be. Everytime I hear that song it reminds me of you and how the minister said this was one of your favorite songs. I know you've watched over the children and...
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    TSNPeggy / INNPeggy

    Well that brought me to some memories and not so wonderful when she passed. Peggy was the best! We spent quite a bit of time together down south in California and the last time I saw her she told my then boyfriend, make sure you take care of her. Well he did and married me. She was so caring...
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    <tapping feet, waiting patiently>

    Where is everyone? I'm waiting!!! Should I start singing to myself? Will I be here all alone for quite sometime? Sweetroll, Laughter and aka Shelley
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    Whoo Hoo

    Hey, Im the first to post other then the admin person!!! Calling all Breakfast Club friends..Sweetroll here!! Miss you all. Shel