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  1. Navic

    A sad day in Yserbius

    Navic enters the tavern after a long journey in the 'cano. A frown forms on his face as he inspects the blanket of dust and cobwebs that have over-run the once lively place. His weapon and gear drop to the wooden floor with an echoing thud. The place is cold, the fireplace void of color and...
  2. Navic

    Ruins of Cawdor Help page

    The orginal URL for the Cawdor Walkthrough is located here. To keep with the archives, we have also provided them here as well. http://lolo.com/~orion/cawdor.html Thanks to PatchX and Macros, this game is actually playable offline. Ruins of Cawdor Hints Safe Rooms Where should I explore...
  3. Navic

    UO "connected" city

    A couple of us have discussed building some homes that appear to be larger then your typical custom home but are actually illusionally "connected" (see email). Now... looking at a couple of homes that appear to be one giant city is cool, but what if it also contained a maze? or a mini quest? I...
  4. Navic

    Dragons of Autumn Twilight - Currently filminng!

    The Offical DragonLance movie site... http://www.dragonlance-movie.com/
  5. Navic

    UO Homes and Gardens

    I must admit that one of the coolest features 'bout UO is building custom homes. How many times do ya get a chance to build a dream house? There are a large collection of beautiful customs around the City of Luna... and most are open to the puplic... stop by and check them out. Here are a few...
  6. Navic

    A tale of woe... -or- Oops I did it again!

    Now we all know poor Navic’s fearless (read: stupid)… some examples; he married Axella in a shotgun wedding, listened to Slo and had his head severed by a guillotine, took up Haze’s challenge to say porn on the YSOUnet… well yesterday Nav added to the list… he recalls his tale… I found myself...
  7. Navic

    Jingle Bells Yserbius style!

    Originally by Ryk E Spoor (Modified by Navic) RING THEIR BELLS (to the tune of "Jingle Bells") Slashing through the wolves With an adamantine blade O’er the map we go Through the orcs we wade Mace on helmets ring...
  8. Navic

    "Hey! Nice dress!"

    Thee 'O Dress up Navic game has givin poor Nav a bug... I can't open my Paperdoll anymore. I also tried it here at work to no avail. My other characters work fine thou. Now... who owes me a keg of dwarven stout? =P
  9. Navic

    YSUO - I'm lookin for some Sand

    Attention beach combers... errr.... sand miners, please contact me or Hav Knot. Thanx!
  10. Navic

    Ninjai - The little ninja (Flash Series)

    Ninjai is a net flick located here... http://www.atomfilms.com/content/ninjai/ So far the Ninjai Gang has finished 12 Chapters of the story using Flash. The sound track is absolutely awesome. Good storyline, mood and graphics. They also did a great job of developing the characters. Don't let...
  11. Navic

    Treasure Hunt (Mar 18th)

    On Saturday March 18th approximately 8 p.m. EST, there will be another event on YSUO. This one will be slightly more complicated than the others. Not wanting to give out too much information, I can say that it will begin with a major news bulletin. You can go to the Town Crier that stands in...
  12. Navic

    Yserbius Idol poll

    Alright Yserbia, it's your chance to choose our first... Yserbian Idol! The winner will have a $20 spending spree at the Yserbius.org Mall! Voting will end February 28th.
  13. Navic

    Fox & Hound Event (Feb 4th)

    How many of ya's remember the old Fox & Hound hunts in Yserbius? While having a few "pops" (FCC edit) at Haze's pub, he came up with the idea to have one in YSUO... On the 4th of Feb. at 10pm EST there will be an event on YSUO. The objective is to find a certain person, he will be in plain view...
  14. Navic

    HEY! Stop standing around and get in the chatroom!

    Parties in the chatroom... Slo's buying! See menu on the left side of the screen for the chatroom tavern enterance. See ya's there!
  15. Navic

    Quote Game

    Let it be borne on the flag under which we rally in every exigency, that we have one country, one constitution, one destiny. (Daniel Webster)
  16. Navic

    Helpful UO webpages

    Well I finally made my way to the land of UO. Slo got me thinking 'bout playing when he mentioned there was a Britannia pub for sell. So I thought 'bout it... then Slo says, Tater's there and he's looking for a pub to shake his money maker... hmm, entertainment... so I thought 'bout it some...
  17. Navic

    Journal update!!!

    I don't know 'bout you all... but I check the Journals for updates whenever I logon. To ease searching for new journal entries, I decided to start this thread. So when ya's add a new entry just post here. Now... back to your regularly scheduled program...
  18. Navic

    Online (Forum) Role Playing Tips - How to Write III

    III. How To Write What follows is a brief discussion of good writing techniques. Why should you care about this when you just want to RP (role play)? While following the guidelines above helps threads run smoothly, they will not make them fun or interesting. The responsibility for this lies...
  19. Navic

    Online (Forum) Role Playing Tips - How To Participate II

    II. How To Participate In A Thread 1) The Mechanics Of Posting a. Identify What Character You Are Playing. If you're playing more than one character it is essential that you clearly define which character you are acting and speaking for. Do this by putting the character's name before their...
  20. Navic

    Online (Forum) Role Playing Tips - How to Begin I

    (From… http://www.roleplayingtips.com, A guest article by Laffinnome at: www.Barroks-Tower.net) Role play is called such because the player plays a role: you are thinking, doing, and saying things according to the adopted personality you choose. You are not just writing or reading about the...