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    Inn Revival ( Imaganation Network revival

    Well I have been doing a lot of searching and such and found this web page. It seems someone else took over the Inn Revival and it works great. http://www.manvswebapp.com/dev/innrevival-installer Would like to see some folks over there playing. BE like old times. LOL
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    Lol its amazing how much of a Pack rat I am.

    Ok found my book I had on Yserbius back then. I think our Guild was Soldier of Fortune. I know that our King was Turk and Tamlyn was our Queen We also had Paladin as our Prince. Myself I was named Allanon and my cousin was Alesor. We also had alot of folks Dark, Lady Hawk, Dracul, Beh-lem Sir...
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    How is everyone doing.

    Old Yserbius Player from long ago. Not sure if old friends are here but I just found this web page and was surprised. I can't remember names from back then. My char name was Lorik Vilesilencer.