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  1. Tiger

    First Published Work

    Hey all! Guess what? I finally did it, I finally got published! And to top it off, it's a story that revolved around the Tigerforce, a group of friends that were inspired by a lot of different people here in Yserbius! Jump over to Tigerforce.net, and also be sure to like us on Facebook to stay...
  2. Tiger

    Dev Log - What is being Worked on Today?

    This will be a great place to see what is being worked on by Slohand and the rest of the team working on Ys2. It will be a great place to ask questions, and see the great progress everyone is making. We may not update this everyday, but when we are working on Ys2, we'll try and stop by and let...
  3. Tiger

    In Honor of Sean

    Yserbius lost another alumni, Sean. (addison Miller) of POY and FK, Fear Forest. http://m.wallaceandwallacefh.com/obituaries/events?obituaryId=1286600
  4. Tiger

    3D - Animation

    So I finally have had time... Or rather, a need. To sit down and finish hashing out 3D models. Currently using Blender with Cycles render-er. I've been thinking of live streaming some of this work, to show that I am actually working towards something. ;p
  5. Tiger

    Article: Game of Thrones - Series Review

    You can view the page at http://yserbius.org/content/167-Game-of-Thrones-Series-Review
  6. Tiger


    I finally got to watch all of Season one of Carnivàle... OMG... I already DL'ed Season 2, so I have to watch it next... God damn cliff hanger at the end of Season one sucks nads!
  7. Tiger


    This artical is very interesting, and echos what I believe and tends to lend credibility to what I've been known to say. A game+story=emotions. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/27188395/
  8. Tiger


    Ok, so it's been awhile... I still swing by, but it's dead around here... To bad really... Anyway.. How's everyone doing? Found an interesting lead... Still talking to Ken? I'd say, see if he can buy back some of Sierra's IP's... http://www.telltalegames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5749...
  9. Tiger

    Heroes - Season 3

    Yeh, it's almost time! Let's start it off... Case no one's seen the comics latetly, go read up on them... Thats how I found this... http://www.imeem.com/brianundaunted/blogs/ Another Hero?
  10. Tiger

    Jacky Boy

    I'm pretty sure I've mentioned his name around here before... If not, brush up on his antics at Wiki Now, we can all play our games a little easier... http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3167912
  11. Tiger

    Interesting Withdraw

    "After careful consideration, Activision has decided not to renew its ESA membership for business reasons and will not be participating in any official E3 activities," an Activision spokesperson told GamesIndustry.biz...
  12. Tiger

    FF and Comics

    Found a new online Comic I like... Let's lead you into it by saying, I agree with this comic... And if life had a sound track, I'd totally do as the comic implies... http://www.duelinganalogs.com/comic/2006/01/12/strike-a-pose/
  13. Tiger

    Aministrative emails February 2008

    Ok, news letter is done! RealmCrafter should be fixed tomorrow when I install MT, and then I can try some of these models out in game! Woot!
  14. Tiger

    New Ys2 Stuff released

    We’ve got new goodies for you. Some of this stuff you’ve seen in the news letter. But we thought we’d expand a bit more on this and give you a Official, Yserbius2: The Return map. (Larger version can be found here) In addition to the map, here’s a larger screen capture of an ax used in...
  15. Tiger

    February 2008 Newsletter

    Greetings all! This Newsletter is JAMMED pack of stuff. So much so, we even had to get rid of one of the mentions about Cafepress Ys.org sweaters! So login and Download the latest news letter. It was well worth the wait. *Ys2 News! *The conclusion of Sidd and Desperado's tavern story...
  16. Tiger

    Wow Again

    Ok, this is more for my information... Thanks Sidd for the info... http://projectsilvermoon.net/index.php?showforum=12 and http://trembon.no-ip.org/mangossite/?site=easy and http://projectsilvermoon.net/index.php?showtopic=7147
  17. Tiger

    Aministrative emails January 2008

    Happy new year everyone! Slohand, whats the logins for YsEnt.com? Whats the software youre using for Ys2? I forgot... lol I'm going to get back into replacing all the weapins I lost and make more for use in Ys2 with MilkShape as well as continue to hone the story/quests I sent you last week...
  18. Tiger

    Help me Obi Juan

    Hey Cie, Ya think ya can find out or ask one of your Japanese friends how Obi's are traditionally tied (worn)... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obi_(sash) It only shows how Kendo belts are tied... But what about those worn with komono's? (Specifically mens Komono's).. Or if indeed the kai no...
  19. Tiger

    Jan News letter

    So this seems to be this months theme.... Laziness... I'm not proud of it, but this coming month's news letter is well, on hold till Feb. I'll be back then however with new and updated information as well as a few announcements and goodies.
  20. Tiger

    Ys2 Screen Shots

    We may be slacking in the communications department, but as you can see by Slo's new post... Ok, so it's a few days old... (Am getting slow in my old age.) I had the chance to speak to Slo the weekend prior to the Holiday weekend and he had alot of good things to say about development. We ironed...