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  1. Siddhartha

    Ultima Online map program - another option

    Here is another options for and external UO map option. Download, install, let it update and launch. Seems pretty good. I haven't used it much so i don't know if it has as much "added" information as UO AM yet. Seems pretty solid tho. I did notice that it has a built in UO Rudder program...
  2. Siddhartha

    Ultima Online Enhanced Client - Launcher

    For anyone playing YS UO that wants to use (or try out) the UO enhanced client, you can get the launcher here. https://www.servuo.com/archive/uo-enhanced-launcher.828/ I've been using it the last couple of days, i actually like several of it's features. One click for a lot of actions...
  3. Siddhartha

    UO House Builder

    one click for locking, unlocking, securing plus banning, kicking, etc from your house. Sits on top of game window. Unzip Set compatibility mode to windows 7 Run as admin
  4. Siddhartha

    YSUO and UOAM (maps)

    New info and process. unzip the files in the rar wherever you want. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jCLXTs3MC7BxffCxNW-STR47R0rTA-DG/view?usp=sharing Run as administrator. use the command line argument "-q" in your shortcut to run the uoam.exe (gets rid of the update checking) I believe it...
  5. Siddhartha

    Rift - Free to Play

    I know you are all probably playing WoW but Rift is free now. You can do everything all levels, etc. Give it a try, I've been playing for quite awhile. Threesprings shard - main toon i've been playing is Facrosy and my other main is Gavyndel.
  6. Siddhartha


    Slo - Did you get those rift screens? I got a couple more if they made it thru.
  7. Siddhartha

    YS Wow

    Afternoon. Hey, is the wow server up? I've got a couple PMs about it and last I tried i couldn't get on to the server at all to create a user/pass for sirdie. Laters, J
  8. Siddhartha

    Yserbius WoW Instructions -

    First thing to do is setup your account. Please visit http://www.yserbius.org/wow3/register.php to setup your free account. Be sure and set the expansion to Wrath of the LichKing so that you have the latest addon permissions. The WoW client version you need is 3.3.3 11723 which is one short...
  9. Siddhartha

    What's up

    Howdy Howdy... What's been goin on?? It's spring time and it's still snowing around here.. That's just crazzzzy.
  10. Siddhartha

    DVD Ripping software

    Since this is a non official, non YS question, I must post it here. lol I have been ripping some of my dvds and converting them to the ipod touch format but the audio gets off sometimes. So the question: What is a good software program to rip dvds with that does a good job? Thanks
  11. Siddhartha

    Posting issues

    Anyone know why I get this error? It seems to happen to me a lot and I'm not sure why... This one happened when I was going to post in the WoW section about the alpha coming out. I also get it when I try to get to the downloads. By the way, How ya'll doing? Busy here but still messing with...
  12. Siddhartha

    Ask a question?

    Got a question that needs an answer?? I am full of, well something, but ask away and an answer you shall receive. hehehe
  13. Siddhartha

    Aministrative Emails March 2008

    I know it's about the end of March but I felt compelled by some unknow force to start a March thread. Hope all is well. I been playing some WoW at ani-wow server. Give me a shout if you make it there :)
  14. Siddhartha


    This was rather amusing. Try it out. Put your first name in the top box, last name in the 2nd box then click visualizar. Enjoy http://www.tatuagemdaboa.com.br/
  15. Siddhartha

    Aministrative emails December 2007

    Howdy howdy. Not sure if there has been much going on but I don't get some of the notices anymore. Tiger, I have a new email now and I'm probably not part of the ysdev email group. my new email is jason99@q.com. Stopped in to see if I can get the news letter. Laters
  16. Siddhartha

    Administrative Emails September 2007

    What happened to the site Tiger? I haven't been online for a couple of days?
  17. Siddhartha

    Navic....watch out

    Roads safer and Navic SOL :) http://news.zdnet.com/2100-9584_22-6200606.html?tag=nl.e550
  18. Siddhartha

    Administrative Emails July 2007

    Yahoo...New month. Not sure how much help I may be but let me know if there is anything I can do with the site, etc. Still busy at work but I been able to get on my own pc every couple of days or so. Later, Sidd
  19. Siddhartha

    Wow, it's amazing

    New thread for discussion.... This file should stop some start up errors for rev 5 if you have switched to that DB. I haven't tried it yet. Any idea why my rev5 db isn't importing as it should? I'm not a sql expert....I'm using sqlyog. I never had any trouble before....
  20. Siddhartha


    How cool are you?? http://www.elks590.org/main/cooltest.htm