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*jumping off the bar, Lady China pulled an Ipad from her bags and inserted the url URBANDICTIONARY.COM then with swift fingers the name of the one man that she honored rolled from her fingertips: BALOR.*

(She slowly read each poison tipped word and laughed).


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1. To completely fail in online forums.
2. A person fueled by jealousy and rejection
3. To live an empty lonely existence.


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There seems to be some idiocy that I am pulling from the ether that needs to be set straight. Balor, Thyrm, Jachyra and other Yserbian chaotics enjoyed the creative blah blahs that the harmonics or rival chaotics came up with. I could do Balor no greater honor than to point out such attempts - even if they are subpar. Get it? Got it? Good.