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BC's List


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Okay, I was real good about keeping up with folks for a long long time. Time was, if someone was looking for someone, I was the one who could put them together. This is no longer the case.

If anyone knows where or how to contact any of these people, I would appreciate a nod.

Kit - (lost contact with her after she left nashville) Last known to be playing a mud with other old celts and living in southern california

Cyraen - (same, she left town when Kit did)

WizKid -

Shanna -


DarkSoul - (AKA- Waterboy) The fourth "Bastard" of the Bastard Squad made up of BC, Sundered and Blackadder

LocoWolf - TeeHee!™

PBmax -

Porter -

Oracle -

CatLeo -

Blodyn -

Vader -

Kestral -

Carnage -

MoonUnit -

SunShadow -

(Also Seeking) Any information regarding the fate of Perigen who was injured terribly in an auto accident in 1997 - No one ever found out if he came out of his coma or passed. Last known to be in a coma at about four months before his brother took down his computer and logged his ICQ account off. If you know, please post in this thread.

There are other people I want to find too, but I need to double check my lists before I edit their names onto my list.



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Kestral or Kestrel?

hmmmmm do you remember a guy by the name of Earendil?

I'm gonna send him here anyway just in case ;) lol


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*hugs BC* okay.. now ya found me.. whatcha gonna do about it? ;p

I have PBMax's ICQ number.. dunno if it's still active or not. Email or ICQ me or something and I"ll pass it along to you.


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Kestral isn't/wasn't me, Somby. I was originally Slik, here. (Slique, too.) Eventually, I created Earendil here, but that was towards the end of my stay. At any rate...I'm home again, thanks to you. :D


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Hey Sunny! , Sombra =p

re: Vader: I wasnt sure if they still lived down on the coast or not, if you have contact with her, send her my greets.

Re: Kestral/Kestrel : Main one I was looking for (Knew several) was the unofficial early Yserbius record keeper.

Don't let Sundered (aka Tylirion) fool you. Bro remembers everything from the old days, it's Harmless ;D


ahem... fnar 00


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I remember Tylirion. I'm pretty sure I hung out with him in one form or another a time or two. I remember Sundred too, of course.

Yserbian Arcanis.


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That's because you were "After" Merc.. There was "Original Merc" "Middle Merc" and "After Merc" Thyrm/Balor/AssassinTMG, Firedancer/Sundered et al, and the return of Thyrm/MoeTerva...TSN goes belly up.. Mercs move to NWN.. and whatever other ego inflating.. history rewriting self deluded age came after that :twisted:


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Fionn said:
I never heard him even mention your name actually...
I think during the time you were around was when the common name used for refering to Sundered by that crew was "Cheese" due to his main name in use at the time. Colby.



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That's probably true, I spent my early INN years on Twinion when it had just come out, then I moved to Yserbius.

Thyrm certainly had no shortage of bitching targets, but I don't think you guys were around very often when I was a Merc on YS... as short lived a career as that was.