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Dexter Dexter Dexter 1 show left this season!!


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Been a Dexter fan since Season 1.

This season is looking to be up to the standard of Seasons 1 and 2. (3 was sorta meh to me)



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Episodes when he doesnt kill, kinda bums me out lol. This finale is going to be awesome!

The wife like Kalifornicaton after Dexter. not to much into Watching Agent Mulder with the college age crowd lol.

Dexter rules!


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OMFG was that ending hard to see coming or what? I have to admit She was getting to be to much of a nag for me. i got tired of her calling during work hours.

I also felt Dexter got a little sloppy this year. he let something affect his cold calculating ability and it truly cost him in the end. Glad to see her go though.!! Now we can get back to the cold hard confused Dexter.

Dexter will have a ton of explaining to do next season.
Items to note.
1. Dexter was seen talking to Arthur in the police station
2. Deb and the police found Dexter in the garage and you could tell they not fully satisfied with his response.
3. They are going to be asking why Trinity singled out Dexter and even made a kill totally out of style. The FBI are surely gonna notice this
4. I think before this is over with Deb is going to put alot together between Brian Mosser and Dexter's past. i would guess she is possibly going to find out all his secrets... How will she respond?
5. oh and lets not forget the whole Kyle Butler thing. When Arthur's family points out Kyle Butler and they make the association to the recently slain Kyle butler. Sh*t is going to hit the fan there is no way it cant.
6. Quinn is the wildcard here this next season. i think he is going to start paying a little more attention to Dexter.

The reality of this ending. Wow well it is clear she lost her job this year. but what about her kids? are they mysteriously going to go live with the grandparents who were introduced conveniantly in that episode? thus ending their jobs also? what about the baby? in or out or in and out off and on? next season?

John Lithgow played his part brilliantly cant wait to see who they invite to the show next season.