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Doubt you guys remember me?


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I doubt you guys remember me. I was but a kiddo at the time.

Oh wow, I had a few names... Ashelle, obviously. Illiana? A...llysa?Alissa? I can't rightly recall - I was so young and going through a... a lot. I am sorry if I accidentally hurt any feelings with my memory. But I do remember many of you, I remember Elkhorn, Stormy, Peggy, and several others. It's coming back to me slowly. If you remember me, say hi. ^_^

Gosh... Feels like forever since I chatted it up in the tavern, went after En-li-kil or shot some death darts. *faint*


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yo, when i played, i was young too. like, age seven young. =P

and yet, i remember it and miss it. it's strange how that works, yeah?