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there is so much content and work already done with empiriana that i imagine if it was ported to a mobile game platform it would be extremely popular. wasnt irealms delving into that work in like 2001, way before its time? what came of this?

with "retro gaming" as popular as it is, i bet you'd get a decent chunk of new players if promoted well enough (reddit etc).


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yea i know, i have tried to reach to macros a couple times. i think real life took over and he had to do what he had to do.


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yes, i can understand that. but if he has decided to wash his hands of the game, why not release the source code? it's such a great game. it's a shame it's unplayable.


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Yeah, they've have other concerns than Empiriana these days. Macros and Beamer still pop up on these boards now and then. They both still have the server/client software. I still have the game on a hard drive somewhere. I wonder if I have to bribe them with another 2 six-packs of beer?! =-)

Would be nice if the people offering server space for rebooting Yserbius/Inn could also host Empiriana? But then, that is wishing too much...too close to Christmas! -*(



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i do not think hosting is the issue. people have made offers to host empiriana for many years but they never take us up on the offers.

but it would be nice.


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A cloud of dust billows out of the old entrance to Empiriana. Sturitus looks out the window of the house of elders and shakes his head. "A bad omen I'll wager" he mutters to himself. Another day ends with no hero's anywhere in sight. What will become of these old rooms and hallways. Perhaps there is still hope...perhaps


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I am hesitant to post but here goes...Macros and I have been talking recently and I am happy to say he is in the process of getting Empiriana back up. There is a lot of converting all the game and database files over to Linux and so far it has been well worth the effort. Currently he has about 80 percent of the job complete. Between work, life, hobbies etc. he hopes to be done soon. I am not going to give any timeline here as this is all Macros doing this task. My posting this here is to alert anyone interested that Empiriana is coming back online. Our greatest hope is that people will come over and play it.
As for any future development on the game itself...we will have to wait and see. When the game went down we did have a small release ready. I don't know if that will release or not.
It had been a while since Macros and talked and as usual we have a wealth of ideas about what we could do with the game. We still envision some nice changes to the game but again, time will tell. Right now though the best thing we can hope for is to have you all come by and play when it is up and mobilize as many of the old timers as you can find. It also would not hurt to get new people interested in playing Empiriana. It looks like all the old accounts will still be in tact along with characters and levels. Even the message boards should be in tact as it was when the server was taken down. Should be a real time warp. It was been 10 years now.
As for account retrieval, we will probably have to do that on a request basis. I don't see it being too difficult as I think it will be a limited amount of players initially returning. If it is a lot it will still be a good thing.
We will post something on the Irealms web site and most likely here on all the details. In the meantime please let people know we should be back soon. Hope to see you all there.

Thanks for your patience and support
Macros and Beamer
Infinite Realms
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WOW! Miracles actually *DO* happen! Congratulations on the Revivification of Empiriana!

SO when is Oculus Rift support coming!? LOL

Also, what is your PayPal account so I can send enough for some more beer?

I can test the game but would rather start from scratch. Since I wasn't a power-user and don't care if I lose everything, I'll just start with a new character. My old one was named Noldor and I do have the old Accout # filed away. Besides, you have to test in case other noobs discover the game!

And yes, I DO keep every piece of email I ever receive! For instance...

Subject: [ #AKX-71972-637]: Activating my old..really old account?
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 21:25:32 -0700
From: "Irealms Support Desk" <support@irealms.com>
To: xxxxxxx@znet.com
References: 1

Hi Noldor!

Man, you have a good memory! :) I had forgotten all about your visit, that was a long time ago!

Anyway, your account is still there, your login info is below:

Login ID: xxxxxxx
Password: xxxxxxx

It's active and ready to go. If you run into any problems just let us know.

Good to see you around again!

Best Regards,



now aka Dolnor Numbwit
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Member, The Older Gamers (TOG)

P.s. Do you want me to ask on the TOG forums if anyone were also Empiriana-Nuts or wait?


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I don't know if my system can run the game....the overhead looks pretty cutting-edge!


To run Empiriana, you will need a PC running Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, Windows 2,000 or Windows XP. You will also need an Internet connection and a DirectX compatible video card.

Recommended System Configuration
Windows 98 (with DirectX 8.0 installed)
Pentium Processor (90 Mhz or better)
PCI Video Card
56.6 Kbps Modem
16 MB of RAM
25 MB of free HD space
Sound Card

Specific Requirements

Video System
Your computer's video system should be able to display 256 colors at a resolution of 640 by 480 pixels. PCI or Local Bus video cards are recommended. Your video card must support DirectX (see below).

Hard Disk
You should have 40 MB of free hard disk space available for installation. The current version of Empiriana will take about 24 MB of disk space once installed. It is always a good idea to have at least this much always available when running Windows 95.

Sound System
Sound and music will enhance gameplay if enabled. Your sound card should be compatible with Windows 95 and DirectX (see below).

DirectX, by Microsoft, enables superior Windows 95 programs. With DirectX, games can take advantage of faster graphics and better sound capabilities. DirectX needs to be correctly installed before Empiriana can be run. DirectX comes with its own installation files. Once installed, you will not have to re-install DirectX again.

Some older video and sound cards do not work with DirectX, so check with the manufacturer of the card to see what current drivers are available, if any.
Windows NT 4.0 users should be sure to install Service Pack 3 which includes the DirectX 3 components.