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Hmmmm..... <Scratches the tip of his nose> Hmm... He didn't mention Paladins... Good, didn't wana get outta my chair anyway...

<Takes a sip of some elven wine> Ahhh... The best in Yserbius.... Like non-in all the worlds....


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<looks up from his breakfast eyeing Tater> 8O You have a Barb Axe!? Infinite Armor too!? Truely you must be a mighty warrior. <stands up> I thought such items were just myth. Then again I'm but a carpenter with little 'venturing experience... <grabs Tig by his cloak and hoists him off his chair> ... regardless, the Paladin and I will join you in rescuing Cyren! <holds his mallet above his head as the morning sun rises and fills the room with light> No time to waste Tig, lets go... <fills his pockets with the remaining food on his and Tig's plate>


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<Spits out his elven wine to keep from choking on it> Ack! Hey, now... Wait'a'minute here...

<mumbles under his breath> Ya realize now, I have to go too?

<Grumbles something about being to honorable for his own good>


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<whispers to Tig> Calm down ya knuckle head... check out the woman in the corner... no the other corner sheesh! <regains his composure and motions towards Trephine's shadowy corner> I didn't get a too good of a look at her but she sure is graceful and heck you seen her comfort Listle. We can impress her and save Cyren at the same time, ya with me? <puts out his hand>


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Errr.... Not for that reason, no.... I'll do it cuz ya made me... :x

And well, I am a paladin... I have to do whats right... Bah...


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Trephine smiles and watches the gathering crowd. Fun!

Maybe there will be bodies. She doesn't want to be left out. Suddenly the candle on her table is lit again, except it's been tipped over into a careful pool of grease.

She starts to dab at it ineffectually and pours some water on it, making it only spark higher.

"Help! Fire! Fire! Oh, I'm so stupid! Fire!"


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<catches the growing flames on the table from the corner of his eye> Wha...???

<leaps over the dwarf, removing his cloak in one fluid motion. Drapes the cloak over the table, watching the flames die out under it. grins.>

Flame retardent cloaks are a travelers best friend.... :wink:


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Trephine looks helpless and her eyes widen, tears of relief gathered in the corner of her eyes.

"Thank you, thank you so much. I'm so clumsy."

Her hand rubs against the grain of the table. "This poor table. I wonder if that hurt. Do you think I hurt the table?"


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I suspect the table is just fine...< Tosses his cloak back over his shoulders>

The table prolly seen alot worse wear then that.... Sides, the table's prolly so conditioned it prolly would have taken years for it to burn... Just be more careful...<Walks back over to Navic and Mr.Fancy Thong>

Lets get this over with... <walks out the tavern door>


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Leaving the puppy in the kitchen with a bowlful o' scraps, Listle grabs a chunk of cheese and some bread to eat it with and wanders back out into the tavern proper, blinking at the departing throng. "Huh, guess it's just as well it's a departing throng and not a thong!", she chuckles to herself and props her feet up in front of the fire and waits for the puppy to eat his fill.

Her gaze wanders over to Trephine, still looking at the smoking table and waves a bread filled hand "Meh, don't worry, if that's the worst that happens to that table this week, it's gotten off lightly"

Her toes nice and toasty, she heads back to the bar to retrieve her pack and notes the lightness of her purse and curses softly under her breath, "Dammitall, I have *got* ta learn to quit falling asleep in public, damnable tequila. There goes my mad money for the week". She props the tav door open so the puppy can get out should the urge strike, exclaiming happily at the beautiful paint job. Her eyes start to droop again, now that her belly's full, and she wanders upstairs to her room to finish catching up on the week's sleep.


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<puppy finishes the bowl of YUMMIES the nice lady gave him. NICE lady, no yelling, just pets, FOOD, puppy must find her and lick her THANK YOU>

<running out of the kitchen, an urge overtakes puppy.>

OH OH! <sniff, sniff, sniff> perfect spot must be found. Not under the chair the nice lady was sitting in. Not the corner the smelly metal man was just in. OH QUICK!

<a steak escapes, catches puppy's eye, he runs towards it. POUNCE.>

Awww, just a leaf. OH, OUTSIDE! Good place to leave a message.

<sphincter, sphincter, sphincter, sniff, sniff, sniff> HELLO I AM HEALTHY! I AM A PUPPY! THIS IS MY PLACE!
<lifts a leg> THIS IS MY PLACE TOO!

<scampers back in to the tavern and falls asleep in the MEAN CAT's bed by the fireplace.>