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Greetings :) :)


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I posted in Evil Way about this dream I had last night about Yserbius and all of its denizens...that means everyone here was part of it :D So I Googled Yserbius and found *HOME* :) Well, so to speak :)

How y'all doing? Feeling a little older, hmmm? I know I am :) {{{{HUGS}}}} Hope that helps :) It's been years since I have seen some of these names but the memories they bring back make it feel like yesterday :) And the stories I have to tell about some of you (will accept bribes in the form of *HUGS* to keep quiet) ;)

If any of you remember me, you'll notice I still don't know where that blasted "dot-thingy" is on the keyboard and have to end all sentences with a smile :) Or, maybe it's because I am so happy to see all of you again :)

(suddenly goes quiet because she realized they might *NOT* remember her or her blasted illogical way of ending sentences) EEEEPPP! Hadn't thought of that...DOH! Well, *I* remember *YOU* and that makes me just as happy :)

If anyone feels like playing "catch up on the good old days," please reply to this post or send an email :D Unless of course, and totally possible, I've messed up my profile and you find yourself emailing some hapless sheep rancher in Mongolia :p Won't he be surprised;)

{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}} to you all and remember to always dream the good ones...just like I did last night!!