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Hail Brothers and Sisters *snickers*


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*She recongnizes many faces and flames from the past*

I just wanted to say We are lucky for Yserbius.Org!

*She gets an ale and sits at the stool at her feet* Thank You M'Lord for the ale!


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The days finds me well my friend. I for one know I cant run a shard alone;P But I never tried or would. *takes and downs her ale* So I'm glad I found my home where ever you take us I will follow and give it a chance. Another ale! *licks lips* Dungeons and Dragons looks cool online. I'll check it out! ^^


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Roleplay Inn is dead

Im going back to Fear Forest!!!

*grumbles under her breath....daggers inbedded with gems hanging at her curvaceous hips sway as she slams the door behind her*