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After two months of rest, I'm back working on MedievaLands, the recreation of Yserbius with a few modern quality of life improvements.

What exactly am I working on, you ask? Well, I'm trying to make the MedievaLands engine generic so that it can run both Yserbius and Twinion. In an ideal world, we could have both games running on the same server, with characters from both games sharing a single Tavern, BBS, and Guild network.
that would be amazing... i have been playing the offline versions for sooo long it would be great to play with other people again


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once you get that finished, try to convince macros to give you the empiriana code and try to get that up and running too lol


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Still working on Twinion. Getting two separate games to work simultaneously on the same client/server combo has proved to a bit of a lift for this hobbyist. Progress is being made. I'm hopeful there will be a release early next year.

Empiriana might be too much to ask! I never played that game and don't have the familiarity with the systems or the nostalgia required to spend the time getting it up and running.