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How about a Merc Takeover?


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We agree? Funny how that slipped by me... There is a place and a time for everything.

Harmony.. bahahaha... Yea, that be me. I'm that harmonic that everybody knows and of course, loves.

*Chuckles while reaching for his tankard* Never figured ya for the spitting type, harmony or otherwise.


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I'm sure there's alot that slips by you, Bourne. *smiles winsomely*
Admitting it is the first step required to correct the error of your ways.

And your ego got the best of you, love. I wasn't calling you harmonic. There is no need to defend your chaotic nature, you are a force of nature - untamed, relentless, and naked.

As for the spitting; Well, nothing makes it into my mouth I wouldn't be prepared to chew up and swallow. I'll give you points for not letting that slip by you.

*sends a gaily decorated umbrella'd drink to the naked barb in the corner* Yes, its a very large umbrella - your ego needn't rouse itself in defense.


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I remember sparring with Balor. I won and he claimed I was mac'ed and stormed off. Damn I wish I could remember more actual details.


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Bring'em, I still got an itchin' to give Wyrm a kick in 'is balls for comin' back and kickin' me out of the damn guild. I'm sure IronHorse wouldn't mind going a round or two with 'im either.

And damn, keep Dreambabe away from me. I mean it; far away.


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Hey, somebody left the door open... and tried to kick me in the sack as I walked in... course... they missed, they always do.

/TheMercs/ forever.

I miss some of you people. I don't know why.



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Uhmmmmm... Wait... He's takin that on the chin? Has old age bent you over that much? The Legands I remember of THE Thrym, sure doesn't not leave room for a sentence like, "take that one on the chin"....

Imposter says I.


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Naw, it's really me. But you have to remember, it's been about 17 years now. I've mellowed out a bit, but I haven't gone soft. And seein' as how I just got here, I'm not trying to get banned just yet. Do you know how many times I got banned from Yserbius? Me neither, but it was alot. ;)

That being said, I do appreciate the worship. BTW, it's 'legend', ya bumbling knob gobbler.


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I've always found the "I'll kick your ass in a computer game" types most amusing.... Like I care...
Oddly enough, I always found the "I'll cyber anyone with a pulse that comes in the room" types amusing. Like I care..... To each their own, though. Some people enjoy the PVP aspect of game(s), like yer good buddy GATH BAAL.

Speaking of which, didn't I run into you on Rallos Zek in EQ, Bourne? I'm pretty sure you confirmed it was you, but my memory is a little hazy. Why would you play on a server full of "I'll kick your ass in a computer game" types if that ain't your cup of tea?

Navic: I'm not playing much in the way of MMOs anymore. I quit EQ about two or three years ago. Mostly I work, and spend time with my newborn daughter (born Jan. 29th). I was thinking about checking out your little revival project though, for old time's sake.


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Just about the only thing I'd consider your legacy is the odd stain left in the toilet bowl that will never come out. Was so bad it made all of Bourne's hair fall out and never grow back. :)