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I once was lost...


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MUhahaha Vader is back as well. Hi folks. FYI a great "free" game, Runes of Magic is a terrific game. If you try it, come to Osha server and look for Pendraegon (dont forget the E) We have a big guild there and would love to see you guys again.


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It seems we all wander back here every now and then over the years. I found this forum from an old printed list of sites so many years ago! -)

Hail Excalibur! And Howdy Lady Diana, from ex-SirNoldor! Order Swordbrüden is pretty much in retirement. And Adellion went belly-up.

I play mostly on LOTRO since their beta days. Just finished testing LEGO Universe. And I am still more of a casual PvE than a hardcore PvP player. Somethings never change!

I'll try to get some of the posters at SierraHelp forums to take a gander over here... cross-pollination!


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