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ImagiNation Network Revival Project


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The link to download the client is down / bad:

A good idea would be to host it here in the Download section as well.

2) I can't get any music in Shadow of Yserbius, only sound. Running it on DosBox 0.74. Any ideas on how to solve?
Yeah... It really would be nice to see the installer from http://www.mightyseek.com/innrevival-installer up here on the download page.

Sadly about the music, I'm just not sure. I've been using DOSBox 0.73 and getting sound and music just fine with Inn Revival.


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Well if you guys can get those guys to email me their programs i will put them in the downloads section, i would like to be able to make sure they are in our archives and available to all from now on...



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nvm: The music does work once I get into the game.

It's awesome playing online. I got the original game for my birthday when I was like 10 years old. Parents wouldn't ofc let me play online (very expensive). I had a blast playing the game.

Thanks for all the work those of you who put work into it to make this possible.