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In desperate need of HELP in online FoT


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I know have 3 chars stuck in the same spot trying to complete Corpeus. The 3rd tp in the hallway takes you to a blind area with many doors. Walkthrough says to type a sequence of number using Num. keypad with Num Lock off.

It doesn't work! I have spent eons down there with all 3 chars. I must be doing something wrong or else the walkthrough is wrong. Anyone else have this problem?

Blue (fed up!)


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Corpeus Help

I sort of figure out how to do it if you're all still stuck. Shoot me a message and we'll set up a meeting time to get it done!


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um ...no cause I dun waste my time playing old out dated games no mores ;)
Then why are you even on here??

The whole point of this website is to reconnect and rejuvenate this era of game playing.

Get off this and go play your wow!

Duh! :mad:


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Yours Truly SeQuenta

Was Playing the off line Version 2.2 FOT And that particuler level can only be played on line some you can only do on line and My Walk thru was Given to me.


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Truly SeQuenta

On Page 38 of my Walk -Thru Fates of Twinion It Shows You How To Defeat
Corpeus and Beyound First you will need The Reality's Rampart Which is the Best Shield in the Game Page 30 Fates of Twinion Walk Thru