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Is there a Handbook??


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Is there a copy of the Handbook in PDF format we can download??? I uh... lost mine. :lol:

I need info on some of the spells again hehe so I'm not wasting all my points.



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I dont

Well we dont have the manual here on site, I am trying my best to remember what was in the manual. I do know however if we can find someone with the manual who would scan it and email it to me, I have to Software here at home to make PDF files and will post it on the board. I will be on the look out.. I think SirZantac may have a copy will check on it.. Slohand ``


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OMG I found it! And it's in mint condition too hehe. I'll see about getting it scanned and send you the files Slo. 8) I only have Yserbius though. Didn't ever get the FoT or Cawdor manuals. But it's a start I guess. :wink:

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