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KOY - and me


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KoY used to have the most amusing ceremonies for entrance and promotion. All would gather in the tavern - Sword Swamp is where I witnessed this tradition time and again - OUT would come the KoY sword o'chaos, or maybe it was the sword o'harmony. It was a REALLY big sword, regardless. Down on one shoulder it would sail, up and over to the other shoulder. A few words were pronounced, a new KoY made or raised. My part lay in the fact that I could never ignore the blood that would spurt from the almost always nearly severed ear of the current lucky KoYling - out I would rush from the shadow of the tavern, bandaid in hand. I don't think any high ranking KoY ever thanked me for my aid to their guild. Not once. Humph... Oh sure - they TRIED to tell me there was no blood, no dangling ear, no internal screams of pain from the KoY newb of the night - I never fell in to the trap of denial. Nope. There I was, with my bandaid, always...

Its never too late to thank a helpful soul.


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Hail m'ladychina!

It's good to see ye again luv! Been o' so many moons since I've had the pleasure of your binding expertise... I must admit, I too lost an ear or two, or three, or twenty from the many promotions Lady Dahl bestowed upon me. :D I was Captain of the Guard before the unfortunate greedy empire on INN did us all in hehe. But it looks like many adventures await us again with Yserbius.org! Thanks you guys for taking the time and effort to revive a lost relic that is unique in every way. I spent many a moons and $$$ playing this pioneering Graphic MUD. It was truly a marvel in it's time. And the friends and fun made stuck with me even till this day. I hope to see many of them return so we can hear the calling of the Volcano once more! Ladychina is here! Woohoo! Come on luv! We must resurrect our comrads and allies to combat the many evils lurking in the deepest pits of the cano! I stand proud to bare the name of ^KOY^ once again! Join me my fellow KOYeons and lets us build our great empire once more! HAIL KOY!

--Former Capt. of the Guard
Rypus Ohmsford


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My gawd! I thought the demise of yserbius was forever! Oh the long hours and money spent. I do remember the pomp and ceremony too. The weddings the births... the meetings of Koy... I do miss everyone so much from the cano and all the tavern antics.
I agree the kids these days really have no idea of guilds and commraderie. Tis very disappointing.
Alas though KOY thrives!
Miss you all {{XXOO}}


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M'Lady China! Can it be the same? Many a night I have sat and wondered what has happened to thee... as I am sure you have wondered where in the blazes I dissappeared to.... Tis Frodo of Old, Cleric to all whom needed an ear, Blessed by M'lady Kiri in the deepest bowels of the volcano.... do you remember Bunnygirl and her 50 babies I delivered? hahaha.. what a night...

But I do have fond memories of our last times in the Tavern... and yes, you were quick to lend a hand M'lady... may you always have peace and grace surrounding you! Hope to talk again sometime....

Sir Frodo of Yserbius
Brother-in-arms to Sir Frodo of Twinion
Long Live the Queen!