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Long ago...


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The elderly woman with long white hair stood on the stoop, hesitating before she pushed open the door. As she entered, her eyes scanned the room, but she did not find what she was seeking. She pushed back the hood of her cleric robe, made her way across the room and took a seat by the fireplace. Some of the young occupants smiled a welcome to her and lifted a stein in greeting. She nodded back. She closed her eyes and there was an aura of bygone days about her. She was startled out of her reverie when the barmaid clunked down a mug of ale and a crust of bread. The visitor nodded her thanks and placed a coin on the table. The girl snatched it up and went back to her duties. She finished her provisions and turned to gaze at the flames in the grate. Her eyes were sad, but there was a mischievous smile playing on her lips. She chuckled softly, rose and headed for the door. Just before the door closed behind her, she threw her head back, laughed with joy and wandered on.