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Looking for anyone from the guild called VEA


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Hi all, I'm looking for anyone from the guild called VEA from Evil way or Lance lair?

I checked the member list and think I may have found the guild leader, but I'm waiting on a response to a pm. But I did not see any other names that I could recall...

Anyway I'm looking to find any of the following people; Sabre, Merrily, Hildagard and her boyfriend at the time Adamman? I think that was his name...?


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Thanks, Tiger. I did find a Lars in the member list, and I did send him a pm, but I have not heard from him, if he was the Lars I was looking for.

I did not find Sabre in members list. It's possible that she and Lars went their separate ways years ago. And I did find adaman, but again I haven't heard from him either in a pm if he's the one I'm looking for....

But I'll keep looking, to see if there are anymore former members of INN out there, and let them know that the network of old is back up and running. ;)


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Just a quick update, I know both Lars and Sabre's real names in RL, and I found who I thought was Lars on face book, and sent him a PM, but alas I guess he was not the Lars I looking for...:(

But on a good note, I am trying to track down old YS players and to let them know that YS is back. :)