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On Yserbius I was known as Ramias and Caine. As Ramias, I was a member of the Shadow Knights with Sir Hugh until that kind of fell apart.

Under Caine, I was, and remain to this day, a member of the <New OutRiders> aka NOR. Since Empiriana, I became known as Lasarian, and have pretty much been known by that name ever since.


Greetings on behalf of myself and NOR to all of our former comrades, companions, friends and foes alike.

NOR has endured and prospered these many long years and recently, in late May of this year, our 3rd generation member was born - daughter of Ojike, son of Spugee (also Spoogee and all manner of variation of that name, some of you may remember him).

If you have occasion please feel free to visit us at http://www.newoutriders.org to say hello, reconnect, reminisce ... whatever!

I am actually here seeking your help. NOR is challenging the record set by <The Syndicate> as the "World's Longest Running Online Gaming Guild" - which they have benchmarked in February of 1996 (and I hope I am stepping on no toes here).

Our problem is getting third party verification - so if anyone knows anyone from INN, YS, a programmer, a staffer, anyone really who could help us track down verification or authentication that we were, in fact, present before 1996 we would be very grateful.

Farewell for now, and I hope no one minds me schilling for NOR's quest on these forums ;-p
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