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Ok, I am stumped here... I wanna put up a picture of the dear old barb as my avatar, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to do a screenshot... any hints, tips, underhanded tricks? :oops:


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I haven't figured out how to take screen shots with XP. Think ya need some 3rd party (Party!?) software.
If your using 2000, then try this...
Okay, you are in a DOS Screen. Now what? Well, first I have to ask you this: Is your DOS Screen filling up your whole screen? The whole damned thing? If so, you are in (surprise) full-screen mode, and you cannot copy that picture to the clipboard. No you can't. So do this: Hold the Alt key in, and then press Enter. Yes, press Alt-Enter, and watch your DOS Screen become embedded in one of Windows' windows.

Is your DOS in a window? Great. If the opposite thing happened to you, and you find yourself in an all-DOS Screen, just press Alt-Enter again, and you'll be back to where you were.

Now, make sure your DOS-windows is the active window (by clicking it and making sure it is in the front of your sceen) and press Alt-PrtScr. That is, hold the Alt-key down, and then press the Print Screen key.

Now, go to your favourite painting program, and copy the clipboard into it (usually you can do this with Ctrl-C). If you do not have a favourite paint program, click Start -> Run, and type pbrush and then click enter. This will bring up the built-in, free Pain Brush program. Now, hold the Control (Ctrl) key in and press c, yup, that's Ctrl-C. And you've completed your first, free DOS Screen Capture!

If you don't want to include the window frame to your finished picture, you will have to edit it out with your paint program.


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PAAARRRRRTTTTYYYYY! erm.... <sits down and hushes>

Y'know, I did try the crafty ol' alt-enter trick, but all that did was minimize the blasted thing. And I did try both printscreening and alt-printscreen before I cried out for help, all to no avail... Damnable XP!

Can anyone else help me buy a clue?


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Ooh, you are a quick one, aren't ya? <grin>

I'll take a look at those tomorrow and let y'all know how I fare!

T'anks a bunch, Navic :)


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I have an old TSR program I wrote many years ago that captures VGA, EGA, and even tweaked mode images (sadly nobody will know what 'tweaked mode' means hehe) to PCX format images.

Anyway, I just tested it - and it works under Windows XP :D

I could send it to ya but you gotta run the windows dos box (cmd.exe) in full screen (or use Alt-Enter to switch to it), load my program, then load the game, hit 'Scroll Lock' to capture an image, exit the game, then unload my program before closing out of it. For that reason I would be willing to just do it myself cuz it can be confusing to some. So if you'd like the character image captured, you could just email me your 'mychars.dat' file and I could save the picture for ya. Or if you want to risk running my program I could send it your way. let me know!

.. another option I can think of is 'HyperSnap-DX', a pretty popular game image capture program, but I think it's shareware and might put 'watermarks' on your image.

-ShoeHorn the former TSR coder, arr!!


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OoooOoOooOOoooooh... that would be a wonderful thing! PM me your email address and I will send it to you :)

You are a DOLL! And pretty cute, too :twisted:


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<presents Shoehorn with silver plated ceremonial keg taps, then annoints him with tequila> See, I learned a coupla things, hanging out with clerics ;)

Thank ya so much! I feel so much better in my horny helm :twisted:


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oops missed this one. Thanks for these classy taps, I'll be sure to have many ceremonious occassions to apply them to kegs on, hehe.

<when noone's lookin, collects the spilled tequila in my emergency pocket reservoir>


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I also am in need of a screen shot taken, I want the picture of the lizardite for another shirt idea I have and the suggested screen shot program doesnt work in xp either.


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Derazor said:
the suggested screen shot program doesnt work in xp either.
I'm this close <1/4" between his thumb and index finger> away from buying a cheap 'puter just to run Win2000 and grab screen shots! Don't tempt me! :x


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you can get all the screenshots ya want in DOSBOX with XP thats how i captured all the art for the char generator in the YS Online Version