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Signature/Avatar Issues

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Having Signature issues? Please review the following.

* When you make a change, ANY change you make is immediately shown in your posts. Any PAST post, will show the new changes. So if you need to see what your signature looks like, once you've changed it, find a post you've done and look at it.

Avatar Issues? Please review the following.

* The current Upload size of avatars if 9.3 GIGs. (If you have an Avatar bigger then this, you're not only nuts, but will prolly be scolded by the Admins.)... Dimensions max is 200x 200x pixels. However we ask that for aesthetics, you keep it as normal as possible and not go crazy with the dimensions. 200x 200x is huge, when you pack it into a forum with tables.

* Off Site Linking is your best bet. But keep in mind, some hosting places that are free, don't allow Hot Linking of images. (Yahoo and GeoCities are examples). This means you'll get either a Red X error, or another images saying No Hot Linking Available, or something.

* If all else fails, and you can't link to an off site Avatar and can't upload one, contact us by PM and we'll be happy to give you our email address, so we can add it to our library for you to select.

Any questions? Please feel free to post your concerns in the Help Hall Forum. Or PM Slohand, Navic or I.
Not open for further replies.