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The KOY Times


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I believe this was originally written early March, 1993.
Vol 1. Issue 1.
Editor: Nymph, KOY Scribe

Editor's Note:
As you have seen, the KOY Council has been very hard at work, building a guild that should make it's members proud! They have committed a considerable amount of time and energy building the KOY into a strong community for roleplayers that seek more out of Yserbius. At this time I would like to say to them: "Way to Go! (Clap, Clap) .. and thanks!" (Clearly I was a brown noser.:D)

Council of KOY Members
  • Overlord Erika and her Lord Yarmeth of Evil Way North
  • Overlord Miya and her Lord Sir Arthur of Lance Lair
  • Overlord Sir Val and his Lord Sernion of Evil Way South
  • Overlord Rainstorm and his Lord Foltair of Wizard's Walk
  • Overlord Drool and his Lord Urfand of Mace Manor
  • Overlord Lord Jolan and his Lord MerlinWW of Witch Way

First Issue
As you all receive this newsletter, some of you free lance scribes may be wondering if you have what it takes to be published in the KOY Times. All submissions of Heroic Tales (and boasted tales) are gladly accepted at #32488. Due to the limit of space it is asked that all submissions be limited to two paragraphs in length. Also as this newsletter prints 2 times a month, not all submissions may be published.

In the Works
  • KOY Handbook - Every members honored book!
  • Member Directory - If you have not received the member registration form, please return the following information so that you can be included in the directory...Name, Race, Rank, Occupation, Overlord and eather you wish your box to be published.

Questions about KOY
There is an informational conference held every Saturday at 12PST in the Bridge conference room. This meeting is open to all KOY members who may have a question of comment, that they would like an Overlord to address.
Once entering the conference, if you have a Question or Comment, signal so with a ? or >. The director will then all upon you, when your turn arrives. (Note: Due to the limit of time, please come to the conferences ou to fcharacter and refrain from speaking to other people in the room once the Overlord commences the meeting. All are most welcome to stay and chat, once the meeting is adjourned.)

For your Information
There have been reports of KOY members being challened in the dungeon by other players that are wearing the KOY badge. These people mimic the KOY in order to cause unrest within the communities. If you are subject to such and attack, please report the person's name to your superior.

News in Brief
The body of an unknown adventurer was found dead last eve in the Treasury, seems he was unable to detect a well laid trap.

The Bans
  • Overlord Drool is to wed the Lady Kirsten in the even of the 26th day of March.
  • Lord Sernion announces his engagement to Lady Nymph. All are invited to attend the ceremony which will be held Sunday, March 28th, Noon PST at the Dwarvian Altar in the Land of the Giants at Spell City. The ceremony will be perfomed by Father Ironpriest. Festivities held immediately after.
  • Duke Jhem invites all to his happiest day, when he will wed the Lady Morigru. The ceremony will be held this Saturday at 2PST, at the Spell City Parapets.
  • The Lady Crys wishes to announce her engagement to Deldarn of KOY. The ceremony will be held in Fear Forest, Saturday March 20th, 7PST. The priest Jewel will be performing the ceremony.


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Wow.... old times.... brings back lots of memories...

Thanks Nymph ;)
Aye *smiling to herself* it DOES bring back the olden times. As I recall ~ the Parapets were a highly popular place for weddings, but sometimes created havoc when the guests accidentally died enroute!


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Awesome.. I was such a kid then haha and I still play online constantly! Today I'm playing Left 4 Dead 2 :)

Nice to see that was stored somewhere Nypmh. Cheers to ya all!