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um, what must i download to get twinion online?


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:D tyvm. i feel kinda dumb cuz i had it downloaded already>< i thot it was on a different server thingy. lol
anyways, thx again for the help^_^ im so excited!!!


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..Well it use to be up every time I went to log on, but that was a month or 2 ago. I got the urge to play recently, but for 3 days now I've not been able to log on at all. Nothing has changed here, dosbox/inn settings are the same so guess I'll chalk it up to the server being down. :(

it usually is up all the time ,, i have yet to be denied service make sure your ports are open Slo


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Thor, the one we were hosting, which was just the tavern isn't up... The INNRevival is up, or atleast I think it is....


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..oh yeah sorry.. I was referring to the INNRevival server... and it has been down I just read the InnRevival forums its due to a problem talked about below. I hope he can resolve it when he has time:

innrevi...@gmail.com -- Dec 16, 5:38 pm
From: innrevi...@gmail.com

Subject: Re: Server gone or just not working again?
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The server is down a lot lately. Any time someone on a Roadrunner
(Time Warner) or Comcast network tries to connect to the server there
is a high probability that it will crash. Other networks may be
suffering from the same problem, but the only ones I know of for sure
are those two.

I'm hoping to finally get some time over the holidays to figure out a
solution to this problem.

On Dec 15, 8:36 pm, Satori <careerland...@rogers.com> wrote:

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> can anyone tell me why we are not able to get on again? Is it me or is
> something else going on?


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lol.. RIGHT after I posted that above, there was a post on the INNRevival forums that the server problem was fixed and sure enough I logged right on no problems minutes after... YAY!! ~/ :)