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Whatever happened to...


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I'll list my Whatever Happened to "enemies" first... well, a few. The list is long.

I remember one fella used to wait at the entrance for me for hours.. lol. Seems he took a dislike... can't imagine why. He spoke in three word sentences, if he even spoke at all. Gath Baal - anyone remember him?
He didn't socialize really.. rarely went to the tavern. I never quite knew what was up with him. I always believed he was a real student of the game... took it way serious.

Caramon - Protested loudly whenver I was courting the ladies of the shire, even sent private tells how I would corrupt them in real life. Not lovable me!

Elkhorn - The battles between him and Sly were monumental. No love was lost there.. oh, if walls could talk (or if I was drunk).

Electra - my first wife I believe. Beheaded and dismembered me right in the tavern - I forget what for, but I can guess. SHe was from Metarie Louisiana...

Trixxi - a misanthrope if ever there was one. She could stir the anger in a cleric. She had a sister too if I recall. Not very welcoming to newbies, did some very strange things.



BlackAdder - actually was played by a woman writer from around Texas if my memory serves me right. Nice person, had alot of private chats.

Lady Anne - quested with her in the chessboard room early on. Neither of us knew what we were doing... Didn't take her long to learn, to say the least.

Katrina - always fun

The Drow girl... Shinayne or something like that.. and the guy who hung with her... another Drow. She had a pet spider...

Redstorm? I think it was her name.

Anyone from /Excalibur/ I had a Knight in the guild, believe it or not. Name was Donovan. It was a sanctuary to hide out.

Swiftsword - Both friend and foe.. ditto with most of the Mercs and KAAOS. I had friends in both, but they had to do their thing.


Stormwench? Was there someone with the name? Funny, I can remember the blonde toon.

Ehhh... late here and I have work early - to be continued.


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Gath Baal that seemed to be early on with 2.0. I remember the stir he caused in tavern lol. We would have someone run in and get his attention while others went in and grouped. 2.1 made his PK'n a thing of the past funny you should mention him.. oh the names surfacing now.. sigh.. Slo


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I don't remember him ever coming in the tavern and talking. Don't think he ever spoke to the dungeon either.. just private, which made him all the more strange. Much like another sociopath I remember that used to stalk women in the dungeon and also call their homes. Except Gath wasn't nearly as extreme - he just liked a good duel.

Funny, how dueling was so much less skill in YS than it is now in other games. The equipment was limited.. most pretty much had the same stuff
and it was turn based, which didn't require quick thinking. Right up the alley of some of those PKs ;) Then there was Ultima Online and getting jumped by packs of 5 people, real time... and making an escape. Quite a difference.

Another few names come to mind - SOT.. he called me a few times years ago, once while he was on a road trip to college (I think).

Lucifurri - good friend who I almost met while on business in Philly. She chickened out. Wise woman :p


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You only knew ONE sociopath who used to stalk women and call them at their homes?

Is that the only criteria?

Yikes, that's a long, long list.



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Not being a woman, yea.. I know just one creepy guy from those days who would dredge up names and numbers and call uninvited. Well, maybe two. I wasn't too privy to alot of the real life stuff and rumors that went on (damnit) unless it affected me. Kinda liked it that way too.

Now as for female stalkers, I've known a few you could say.

As for people showing up on doorsteps unexpetedly, there were seceral cases of these. One being a Yserbian roleplay husband to claim his wife... showed up with all his stuff. Another was to challenge someone to a real duel after repeated beatings in the dungeon.

Real life romantic interludes that were mutually agreeable, well... we won't go into that.


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Somby is me... all growed up-like n missin everyone.. what a trip it's been today finding this place!

Now I'll be spending the whole weekend working on a list of names for my own "where are you" post..

right now the only one on my mind is Bard Maniac... but I suppose I'll make a new thread for that shortly :)

Wonderful to see everyone... may our time in Ys last a little longer together this time, eh?


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I remember Gath Baal. I called his house once so that I could hear him play his guitar on his answering machine. He seemed like a nice enough guy. Maybe its just me....


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Bourne said:
Electra - my first wife I believe. Beheaded and dismembered me right in the tavern - I forget what for, but I can guess. SHe was from Metarie Louisiana...
Holy sh$t, hahahaha.. what kind of marriage ends like that? lmao


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Well most of mine ended with an appendage or part cut off... some times several in a night.

Gath playing guitar... lol. Never think he was a "bad" guy but in-game he certainly lacked social skills. Maybe he was a Romeo behind the scenes... who knows? I never much delved into the personal realm with players save for a few.

Sombra - grown up? I didn't know you were ungrown back then.


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Even my therapist wouldn't remember if'n I didn't grab her arse as a firm reminder every visit... there ARE some advantages to being a dirty old geezer, y'know.

Good to see you.


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lol I think maybe 2 or 3 folks realized I was 18 for a couple of years at least :lol: 8)

but I suppose age and "grown up" could be considered two different things :)


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Enemies, eh, Bournie?

Can't say I e'er considered you one of those. A nuisance, maybe. Certainly an eyesore...

Now, Sly... let me know if that little thievin' pile o' dung sets foot in this place! I think I owe 'im a beheadin' or two...

Complete and total waste of tavern space, that one is...


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Hmm...wonder if Lady Anne was the same LadyAnne I partnered with in Empiriana and 4th Coming. Lost touch with her about 2 years ago, and the email address I had bounces back to me now. (She was a Black Widow, if I recall correctly.)


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ROFL.... Hey, of course I'm an eyesore. I never claimed to be one of them spitshiny knightboys. All that time they spend polishing their armor and lookin' at themselves in the mirror. Well.. sorta leaves their ladies a bit lonely if'n ya know what I mean. *winks lewdly*

Don't take long for a grizzled onld codger like myself to look good to them.... then they are mine. For awhile. Just tell 'em what they wants ta hear and make 'em feel like none other. And when their knight comes back, he thinks that twinkle in their eye is just the reflection of his fancylad armor, but their thoughts are of a barbarian long since gone.

I see your fire for Sly hasn't died a bit... I shall make it a point to get him here.

Er.... (realizes he has no idea where Sly is)

Yea... I will.


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Sly and Tal are still around. But I aint real popular with them these days. I'll see if I can get a link to them through a neutral party ;)



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I do understan' what yer sayin', Bournie... I guess the ladies 'roun' here must get mighty lonely ta do that. Clearly, a result of my not bein' aroun'.

As fer Sly... I've had a long time to think abou' him, and other'n someone to pass off all the less... comely ladies ta, ne'er have come up with any value there. Li'l runt like him can't be too picky, after all.

An' as fer you, Blood... I've held a lot of respect fer you now for a lotta years. Knowin' yer not popular with the lesser folk only makes me see why. I hope good fortune's found ya!


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Elkhorn, have you been in Empiriana at all?

Yer name sounds familiar however I don't believe it's from the 'cano... though I've been wrong plenty o times before! ;)