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YSUO and UOAM (maps)


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New info and process.

unzip the files in the rar wherever you want.

Run as administrator. use the command line argument "-q" in your shortcut to run the uoam.exe (gets rid of the update checking)
I believe it will build maps for you.
I have the default data directory checked, which is the UOAM install folder.
Make sure to check the boxes you want in the UOAM control panel. (dungeons.map, etc.)
no need for linking. I learned that is to link UOAM to a server specifically for mapping other players.
That should be it.

if it seems to be missing something, you could try to take the .MAP files from the below, not fully working info, and put them in the new folder but check the FILES check boxes in the control panel first. saves space.



Here goes... I'm not sure if all this is necessary but it is what i did and it works.
1. unzip the UOAM.zip and UOAM BMP files from this link:

2. unzip to the SAME directory.
3. run as administrator, i also have it set to comparability - windows 7
4. enter your login and the server information in the link menu. default settings. it didn't work at first but i ran around, used a moongate and it started to work.

hope it works for you also

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only the Luna map worked for me rest are black. Did you drop this in the UO folder or in it's own folder? i did it in its own folder.


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Same Slo. it did work in a Tokuno island cave. I have it in it's own folder. I'll experiment more.
Near as i can tell, there are missing bmp files for trammel, tokuno, and a couple others. It works in ish..i'll continue to research :)
@Codewow - it's an external map of the world. shows more than the game minimap
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