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    Ultima Online map program - another option

    Here is another options for and external UO map option. Download, install, let it update and launch. Seems pretty good. I haven't used it much so i don't know if it has as much "added" information as UO AM yet. Seems pretty solid tho. I did notice that it has a built in UO Rudder program...
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    Ultima Online Enhanced Client - Launcher

    For anyone playing YS UO that wants to use (or try out) the UO enhanced client, you can get the launcher here. https://www.servuo.com/archive/uo-enhanced-launcher.828/ I've been using it the last couple of days, i actually like several of it's features. One click for a lot of actions...
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    UO House Builder

    one click for locking, unlocking, securing plus banning, kicking, etc from your house. Sits on top of game window. Unzip Set compatibility mode to windows 7 Run as admin
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    YSUO and UOAM (maps)

    Updated first post
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    YSUO and UOAM (maps)

    Same Slo. it did work in a Tokuno island cave. I have it in it's own folder. I'll experiment more. Near as i can tell, there are missing bmp files for trammel, tokuno, and a couple others. It works in ish..i'll continue to research :) @Codewow - it's an external map of the world. shows more...
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    Ultima Online Private server anyone?

    UOAM info http://yserbius.org/index.php?threads/ysuo-and-uoam-maps.2154/#post-8939
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    YSUO and UOAM (maps)

    New info and process. unzip the files in the rar wherever you want. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jCLXTs3MC7BxffCxNW-STR47R0rTA-DG/view?usp=sharing Run as administrator. use the command line argument "-q" in your shortcut to run the uoam.exe (gets rid of the update checking) I believe it...
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    Getting a stall on the binding IRlink to socket stage
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    I made it on using an older desktop i have. What fun. Can't get on right now but still i made it!
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    I'm not getting any further. got any info/help?
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    kk thanks. I think i even upped my old win7 laptop to win10. i may be stuck for a while. Is there an updated game software i should download?
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    I'd log in, but can't. I have my account(s) info. Having an issue when i get to the allocating connection socket. Winsock connection issue. Any help? I think it happened to me before too.... Windows 10, running it as admin and compat mode for win xp sp 3.
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    Game on....
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    Calling All Yserbians!!!

    kapow! Alive and fairly well. Was playing Rift, haven't touched much of anything lately though. Trying to find somewhere to land again but haven't had much desire or haven't found the right tavern maybe!!