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  • ZaneDubya
    Hail Slohand and all! Just wanted to drop a note here to let everyone know I've been working on Twinion for a couple of months. Getting very close to the end here. Hope to have something to show off in a month or so. After that, I should have a...
  • R
    Reonis posted the thread Everything Okay? in Main forum.
    For the second time in the last month, I couldn't access Yserbius for a few days. Everything okay?
  • ZaneDubya
    ZaneDubya replied to the thread hey hey.
    Still working on Twinion. Getting two separate games to work simultaneously on the same client/server combo has proved to a bit of a lift for this hobbyist. Progress is being made. I'm hopeful there will be a release early next year. Empiriana...