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  1. sirdirk

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas, sorry was out of town lol
  2. sirdirk

    Looking for an advanced Yserbius save file.

    hmmm not sure if have one on a pc i do't have setup if get inspiration this weekend i might put it together and check
  3. sirdirk

    Welcome LennyD to the forums

  4. sirdirk

    What was your favorite Tavern?

    Roleplay Cafe was my favorite, then the Inn second
  5. sirdirk

    Honoring those

    great idea
  6. sirdirk

    Knock the dust off!

    i barely played it i didn't recognize it lol
  7. sirdirk

    Game Engine Demo - Weather & Day/Night

    yeah, i didn't mean it wasn't yserbius like, just for some reason some buildings reminded me of another. looking forward to YS 2
  8. sirdirk

    Game Engine Demo - Weather & Day/Night

    in a way it looks like a game i've played off and on, Istaria
  9. sirdirk

    Servers working! YS 2

  10. sirdirk

    Calling All Yserbians!!!

    here but couldn't remember my old account lol but my nickname i used in YS was still available so maybe old account was deleted.