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Congradulations Zaira

Zaira was the winner of the first event at YSUO. With her quick mount and outstanding knowledge of the vast lands of UO she was able to find Vidar in just under 5 minutes. With such a quick time Zaira won herself a large dragon boat and 20,000 in gold. That boat will sure come in handy when mine is dry docked having the barnacles scraped off the hull. Sure hope you can stow a lot of ale on that boat, we work up quite a thirst fishing up the treasure chests. :lol:


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Congrat's Zaira, well done! She did however get a head start on Sidd and I when she bought us round a minute before the hunt started :p
Let us know when ya want to hunt for sunken treasure... I'll bring the ale :D

Thanks Haze and Vidar for puttin the event together. We appeciate the awesome after hunt dinner too... a bunch of pets converged on my plate before I got a bite thou ;)

Check out the screen shots in the YSUO Gallery.


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Congrats Zaira! Next time Navic will lead us to victory, I'm sure of it. Was a fun time. I second, or possibly third, the thanks to Haze and Vidar - as well as to Navic - he made it so I wasn't the last one. hahaha See ya all there ;))
Thank you!

Thank you all! I had a lot of fun tracking down Vidar and then Navic when we all got there and realized Navic was no where to be found ;p

Thanks again for the event!!