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Count Inscreases in YSUO


Staff member
Last night YSUO had a peak count of 16 people online. Not bad for a free little ole game.

Just to explain where some of our players come from. One of the players lives in Austraila hundreds of miles from the nearest town and uses dial up to play. Thats a long phone line if you ask me hehe. Must be rough country where he lives he told me other day it took 4 days to go 1200 miles to his sisters birthday party. Thats a big trip. Here we can do 1200 miles in a day or less by car.

My point being those of you who tried the game and did not try again because of lack of players should visit now as every evening more and more folks come to play.

Usually every weekend we have some sort of Event. Last Weekend it was a Dungeon Crawl.

Some more important news is The city of Luna is opened for Player Housing. already Sean and Navic have placed a house in town. Once all the City lots are gone there will be no more. So get out and build if you havent already. Also players will find a Rune Library and a YSUO community Mall in Luna where all players with a craft can sell their wares to other players.

We have 2 Counselors Pretty much always in game to help with your needs. and will be adding more soon. Those interested in becoming a counselor and have a good working knowledge of UO should send me a PM.

If you are looking to Earn income in YSUO The YSUO Local Government is commisioning work, Task and buying Resources See YSUO Market Thread for Current Listing of Items, crafts and Task needed.