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First Bard/Tamer Event


Staff member
The First Person to show me a Char who is a GM Bard/Animal Tamer with Following Stats, Wins a prize.

Animal Taming 100
Animal Lore 100
Vetinarian 100
Magery 100
Musicianship 100
Peacemaking 100
Meditation 100
Evaluate Intelligence 100

Remember the Skill Cap in YSUO is 900 if you have not had yours raised yet please see me in game.


Bank Check 100,000 gold

Choice of a Dragon (Red or Brown) or a White Wyrm

Also the winner will receive their choice of a Nightmare or FireSteed, or Kirin, or Unicorn. (note only females can ride Unicorns and only males can ride a Kirin.)

Good Luck all.


Message for Upgrade
ahhh Eval Int! ><


So far I have Lorespar at

Animal Lore 100
Taming 100
Meditation 100
Music 100
Peacemakeing 100
Vet 100
Magery 90 (Was gonna keep it locked there, only needed enough for healing/gate/mindblast)


0 Eval Int!...locked that on day one. Was going pure bard/tamer instead of a hybrid mage/bard/tamer.
Congradulations Lorespar. Good work. If I were you I would get the unicorn then make a transvestite char so that I could ride it. :D