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How I'm improving the original Yserbius experience in MedievaLands


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Hey friends! If you've seen my posts on this forum you know I'm a huge fan of Yserbius and have worked hard to recreate it at https://www.medievalands.com. Now that the original game is more or less completely recreated, I'm starting to think about ways to improve the original Yserbius experience without changing the underlying game.

I want to talk about how I'm improving the experience of Yserbius combat without changing any of the numbers or algorithms. Last month I added item tool tips, so you can see what statistics an item has without experimenting in combat. This month I added pop up numbers so you get a better idea of who you and your party are attacking, and how much damage you are doing. You'll also see numbers for healing and mana restore in and out of combat.

Another big feature I added this month was in-game Guilds and Guild management! You can now create a Guild for your friends, set a guiding philosophy, and recruit new members. Yserbius in the 90's was famed for its collection of close-knit communities, known as Guilds. Guilds such as Kingdom of Yserbius, Soldiers of Yserbius, KAAOS, and TheMercs organized events, challenged each other in combat, and helped each other conquer the dungeon. There are already three Guilds set up and surely more to come - who will you stand with?

I also added chat tabs in the Dungeon and Tavern so you can keep track of messages from your Guild, the new Global chat channel, your friends, and your enemies. Now you won't lose track of chat because combat messages push everything out of view.

Here's what you can expect in June:
* PvP Challenge combat!
* More Guild features!
* News about adding support for the Fates of Twinion!
* The original Yserbius music (if enough people are interested)!

Hope to see you all in the 'Cano soon!
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