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*squints at the Memberlist*

Kylara! Ky! Kylara! Oooh! Ooooh!

*squints again*

That'd better be the Kylara I know. I'd better not start telling...stories right away.

*taps her foot and grins*




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Oh Oh... - "KY" issues!

(no roleplay content, just eternal glee for a shining star)

Now, Cyren... You can't go around making posts to "KY" - because my own darling "KY" - Kyrandos joined to stop my whining. He's incrediably bright, terrifyingly talented, and one hell of a writer. Here's one of my favorite stories that he's done.


Oh, and he's an artist too. Tres magnifique'!

Is he disturbing? Yes. Is he a bit unusual? Yes. Did he play Yserbius? Apparently, yes, but it doesn't hold the fond memories for him that it does for me.

Maybe I'll get my cattle prod in proper working order and he'll gift me with some offerings here.

*bows to Kyrandos, very low indeed*


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Re: Oh Oh... - "KY" issues!

LadyChina said:
Is he disturbing? Yes. Is he a bit unusual? Yes. Did he play Yserbius? Apparently
M'lady... the question is... will he spill his gold to buy me a cold'n frosty?... <gets back to work on the tav>


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I think I remember Kyrandos...

Wasn't he the only person on the Merc forums who was actually witty and entertaining to read? The rest of it was glory days past spinning of wheels, flaming and overuse of the letter Z (insert sexual connotation here to prove you're a baad, baaaaad person) Indigo could never pull it off though, he was just...always nice. I miss him!

I think every time I tried to Google Lady China, it was in something written by Kyrandos. I'd find you guys, drop in once a year for Christmas, say a happy holidays and be ignored and stuff. It was a tradition! Okay, Indigo and Jachyra would acknowledge my existence. But the Merc website shut down at some point and my happy little yule nostalgia where I got to remember "Slaybelle" went away. (LC, I still stole one of your names, I loved Slaybelle and my undead rogue in WoW is named after her. She's Zlaebel in order to stick to roleplay server naming rules, but the spirit remains and every time my little vicious wench cannibalizes something, I think of you.)

Welcome your wit and attention to detail, Kyrandos! I'm off to read your deviant art story!

Kylara is a completely different story, really. But I can't tell any of them. Nope.



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Slaybelle is a lovely creation, and her chaos cow MOOHOHOHO too. We can't forget her embellishments. Come Christmas, I'll pull out a jingle or two from the icy duo.

The ignoring part sounds like part and parcel of a "Merc Christmas", this year is bound to be quite different. *hunts for mistle toe in the Sword Swamp territories*


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*pats herself down*

Am I bleeding? Is he talking to me? I can't tell if he's talking to me.




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*narrows her eyes and looks even closer at the members list*

Dammit, Kylara, I know that's you.

*bangs loud things on the table in imperious demand*

Get your scantily clad butt out here.

Some people.



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LOL, yep, it's me, i come and check the boards from time to time, must have missed this post, plus it was a strange time for me.

Hope you still check these board Cyren :)