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Lo! The Carnage Continues!


Message for Upgrade
Apparently they've found us! After having moved most of our homes from Trammel over to Malas, the trolls (and their cohorts found us).

Yestereve, an invading army of orcs (and orc brutes!), trolls, ratmen, as well as several ancient wyrms (including a paragon version) attempted to invade Luna through the southern gate in the outer wall. A call to arms was heard throughout the city, and those inhabitants present answered.

That's when the carnage ensued! The bodies piled up waisthigh at times, even as the living orcs stopped briefly to loot some of the corpses of their own fallen camrades -- before they themselves were slaughtered.

Finally, the armies seemed defeated (although this author believes they merely retreated into the forests south of Luna only to return at a later date).

Many thanks to those who came to save our homes! Fight hard, die well!

The Admirable Rax`Arnon
Master Lumberjack

The Glorious Lady Jaelyn
Grandmaster Mage

The Nefarious Talyan
Grandmaster Stoic (Stoic again??? Can't I be something more fun??)

Finder of Not-So-Lost Objects and
Grandmaster Lockpicker