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Wandreth / Annie (From Portland, OR .. a dear friend who I lost contact with after I moved in '96)

Andrea (I see her in the memberlist.. send me a PM!)

Chandre (Yor's lil gnome wifey ... I had a huge crush on her cute self) ;)

Cyren (Oh, wait, I already found her..) :)

Lady Bry (Only one of about 4 or 5 people I met in real life from Yserbius)

Don Jose (His alt was the one who got me involved with KOY)

Nymph (Just because she had the confidence in me to take over Dragon Court when she retired to KOY-IM'ness)

...and anyone else who may remember Yor!


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I'll give Andrea and DJ the link (thought I posted it on their guildsite) and email one to Nymph.

Havent Seen nor Heard from Wandreth or Lady Bry since Empiriana


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Thanks BloodCelt.

There is an 'Andrea' in the memberlist, so she probably is already here, just hasn't stopped by in a while.

I'm hoping the others pick up on my psychic 'Get your butt over here' waves I've been sending. :)

(Funny how so many people I knew from Yserbius are (were) playing EverQuest and I haven't run into any of them since I first signed on in December '99 ...)


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CLick on the button at the bottom of her profile and send her a Private message or email and see how if she gets it... Slo


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But that would be taking the easy way out . . . :D

Thanks for the suggestion. I guess my mindset was that she had to actually come to the site to find her PMs. Then I realized she may have email notifications turned on, so she'll probably know there is a PM for her.

You'd think that after a year of running a phpBB site (and actually helping people with coding problems on the phpBB support forum) I'd actually have a clue about such features. :D


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An odd thing about Everquest - I had been playing awhile when I convinced Shalimar to try the game out. I met her on a neutral realm, I think it was Karana at the time, and we met with our level 1 Barbarians in Halas. We were in the game no more than 5 minutes when Moonie appeared! Some strange twist of fate that was (or perhaps she was a GM and noticed we were playing our GM names).

THe guild I was in ended up moving to Ayonae Ro in one of the free transfer weekends.... With my new credit card, my account expired in EQ... and I was the guildmaster. Hmmm.. Could be I pissed off a few there, eh? Wonder if the guild disbands automatically...

Have been in World of Warcraft since...


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Oh. and was visited by Sly once or twice. He popped in from another Realm and sent me a tell "Are you the real Bourne?" after which I slugged him with a bottle as an answer.. lol. I remember being in the old Bazaar in the tunnel at the time.


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*SMOOCHES* :oops:

It takes me a while to get a new site on my "visit regularly" agenda. So many games...so many guilds...so little time? Mostly I'm just a terrible procrastinator! Sorry! I am alive and well and I can tell you exactly where Don Jose is. He's at work! But I will tell him you're looking for him too when he comes home. I'm so happy someone still remembers me! :D

Yeah, I know. It's crazy marrying someone ya met online while you were just in high school! After I graduated I moved closer to his locale for another guy, but when that ended we finally hooked up. After overcoming the tough hurdles of a long distance relationship (LDR) and a very long courtship, we finally married in Sept. 2000 and have been happy ever since. We even have kids! Well, a 3 year old son and another little one due April 2006. As responsible gamer parents we're making sure they know how to play all the best games. ;)

DJ and I don't play EQ anymore although we did spend 6+ years on Bristlebane. Right now we're playing EQ2 (Befallen) and WoW (Azjol-Nerub/Doomhammer) and I play a little Puzzle Pirates as well.

Feel free to PM me...e-mail me...silly Gnome! Why do you think they invented PMs and e-mails! :p


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Yor buddy! Long time no see! Believe it or not after I wandered past this site last night I took a little peek in my 'way back when' box. I still have printed mails from the day.. Roster Lists, KOY Times...

Lord Jalem's long treastise on ranks :D

Anyone ever know what became of Jalem?

If you ever find Chandre, let me know I'd love to hook up with her again.

Andrea *hugs*