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Well Rypus, Galwyn, Drallam and Tiger sure had their hands full this weekend with Mongbats and Dragons lol. Let me start off by recanting a few things.

Earlier this week it was posted about a Mongbat invasion. into the Quiet city of Haven. Well what i suppose to be the first wave of the Attack happened. on the first attempt Drallam stood alone as i mentioned in another post. on their second attempt though Rypus, Galwyn, Drallam and Tiger all stood vigilant. against the Mighty Mongbat Onslaught. Here is just one of the Pics taken that night. I will post the others as i receive them. This one is taken by Rypus and sent to me to post.

LOL see Galwyns remark when Mongbats called for reinforcement and their friends arrived.

Well I did mention Dragons. I wish i had a screen of this next time we do this I will be sure and have Rypus take some screens... Last night I wanted to train my Pet a White Wyrm named Gabriel, Gabby for short. so i took him to Destard and trained him on Dragons and Drakes. Rypus and Drallam escorted me and boy did it ensue then lol.. I spent half my time ressing them , no not really but a they did fall prey to Dragons breath a couple times. all in all we had fun I think.. Rypus and Drall made some very nice loot, i got my Gabby up to 3X GM. so alls well that ends well.

Well if anyone decides they want some fun and a different adventure then they need to come on by.. we are installing a few new features soon like a huge Gate room. plus there is always something going on. Get a char made learn a combat skill and get ready I hear tell Mongbats will be invading again. have fun all Slohand