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More Events at YSUO?

Would you be interested in a trivia based event in YSUO?

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I would like to have bi-monthly events in YSUO if there is an intrest in them. It breaks the monotony of chopping away at what seems to be an endless row of trees or hauling ore from the mountains to the nearest forge. They also serve the purpose of getting Navic off the bar stool so that his "wife" Axella can have some of her troll friends over. :p I'm open to suggestions for different types of events you may want to try, just reply here or give me a shout in game.


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We could play a trivia game in the pub can't we? :p
Here's some idea's...
* "Big Fish" fishin contest (80 Fishin skill required)
* Boat race (but how many people have boats? :p )
* Around the World Race (I'm thinkin more like a long tavern crawl)


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Here ya go,

Vidar sets a Boat at sea in some remote place. in the Hold he places a Treasure chest with Silver and Gold, gems, and other priceless treasure. Drop the Anchor and unlock the door to the ship and set her adrift. Either let her cordinates remain unknown and let the contestants go find her or gather all the contestants around and at a given time announce the cordinates of the boat and its lost treasure. This will test players navigating skills. Plotting Charts etc.

To make it more interesting Leave a wild Nightmare on the deck of the boat guardign the loot. upon reaching the boat. Players will have to dispatch the beast to claim the loot.

Just an idea... Slo


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slohand said:
To make it more interesting leave a wild Nightmare on the deck of the boat guarding the loot.
Now that's why I don't leave my bar stool... it's dangerous outside the pubs! :p

That's a good idea Slo... the Nightmare part scares me, but it can't be worse then fightin with Axella!


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Interesting ;) Althougth I wouldn't anticipate me winning much, I would be game for that. Guess death by Nightmare can't be any worse than death by chicken! I suppose I will have to save some coin for a boat. Fish on!


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Sorry haven't been around -- things have been a bit hectic. I like the ideas :D

I also suggested we could do a "naked footrace contest bracket type thingy." (yes, that the official term). Basically everyone wears only regular clothing and nothing in your backpacks. Then you have to make your way from point A to point B to point C to point D etc etc stopping at each waypoint to check in. Maybe for some you need boats, for some you have to run from big baddies, and so on. Each person can take their own route; some might be faster and more dangerous, others might be longer and safer. Only major rule is no Runes, Recalls, or moongates.

Could be quite interesting depending on where the waypoints are set :twisted:

Looking forward to the next event!!

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