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Need help with Ruins of Cawdor

One game that I really never got into much was the Ruins of Cawdor. At the time it was released, I was working on the Fates of Twinion game and the server was shut off before I even was able to give it a try. As people that know me realize, I am one that likes to make maps and notes as I go along. I have such a hand drawn map set for the Fates of Twinion game for example.

I am starting to map out the Ruins of Cawdor, but I am eventually going to run into a problem. The game, in the Foyer of Cawdor, has 6 doors that lead to other maps on Level 1 (at least that is what a Wizard NPC mentioned). However, 2 of these doors require a specific class to be with you when you enter, which are a Ranger and a Thief. I have not tried it, but it is my feeling that if you are not one of these 2 classes and you attempt to enter these 2 doors, you will either perish or the door will not let you in.

I can create a Ranger and a Thief and map out the rooms separately. However, to get to the Level 2 maps, I am assuming that you must complete all the Level 1 maps as there is one other door at the Foyer of Cawdor that is locked that leads to Level 2 (not sure, but more than likely so).

I need to coordinate with someone here to create a Ranger and a Thief so I can get my mapping Orc Barbarian through all the maps on Level 1. I am not sure if you will be needed the entire time while mapping out these 2 rooms or you would just be needed to enter the room and you can drop out and I can map it out solo.

If you can possibly help in this endeavor, please e-mail me at gr81isback@charter.net and give me your e-mail address and name so I can get back to you to make the arrangements for this. I appreciate in advance your assistance in this matter.

Looks like you are right. That hint website mentions that you can enter all the various guild rooms regardless of your character's guild. I already made Twinion maps years ago when I was there (all the way up to the final map with the Queen). I have some old computer printouts of Yserbius maps, but they are very small.

By the way, do you know, Sir Die (or anyone else), how to get the Blacksmith in the Stables to make that Grappling Hook for you. I have 3 horseshoes and 3 tools and he does nothing. I believe I am missing what is called "shrubbery" (from the hint website), but cannot seem to find this.



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I will also need that Ive not found the shrubbery as of yet ,how ever if your are a barb and go to the Uncivilization map and use detect the gnome at door will give you gifts..

Do you really expect a HERO to look for a doormat?
The quest for the Doormat is in Uncivilization. If you find the Doormat (in the upper left corner of the room) by using the Detect or some such skill or spell, and return it to the gnome Barbarian at the entrance, you will have made a friend for life. Not only will you get rewards here, but later on he will help you once again.

Maybe he will give a shrubbery later on he gave me a letter of credit so far..
then again he may have to do with lvl's I am playing both online and off so we will see..


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Ok Craig Ive still not found the shubbery I would say due to online play I am running a thieve and a mage online, info I found for online play will require parties for us to enter the other rooms it also seems we must learn the shield spell for us to go upstairs... I need to really play the offline ver since its patched to allow full access... to learn more Are you playing online or off?

I am playing the online version. According to that hint web site, access to other guild rooms is possible with lockpicks. I e-mailed the guy that did that site and he said that the shrubbery is on a 4th floor map. Thus, it appears that we are too premature to get the item from that blacksmith.


I downloaded Ruins of Cawdor here. However I unzipped it and clicked the Ruins batch file and it will not run. I get a black screen and it bounces me back to windows. on both Cawdor and Twinion. How do I fix that?