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New Yserbius Items Will Be Part Of The Treasure!!!

On the 18th of March at 8pm EST, everyone will be ready to start finding that treasure. I think that a lot of people are a little nervous because they think that their fighting characters are not up to it. Did I say a little nervous? The sound of knocking knees are drowning out the sound of my hammer pounding metal into armor. :lol: To give everyone a little extra incentive to go out and train their characters, I have decided to post some of the contents of the treasure chest. There will be plenty of gems, some gold, bank checks and miscellaneous weapons and armor.

Now for the Big Ticket items that are based on the old Yserbius game. Everyone remembers the insignia that you use to be able to place by your feet for stat gains, well now you will be able to wear it on your wrist. Bowman, Cudgel, Duelist and Shiruken insignias have been add as well as two Rings of Warding and a Ring of Vigor. Feel like slipping into a Lizardskin Jacket again? Well just be the first one to open the chest and it's yours. How about swinging the Sword of Destiny again or having a Horned Hat on your head. :twisted: If you don't like the Horned Hat you can always wear the Cap of Wisdom. Last but not least there will be the Robe of Arnakkian Slowfoot. 8O Before everyone starts flamming me I know that there was no Robe of Arnakkian Slowfoot but when you see the stats on this robe you will wish that it would of been in Yserbius.