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Rumor Has It!!!

That evil be astir in the land of YSUO. Rumors run rampant that evil forces plan to invade the sleeping town of Haven. Birthplace of many a hero.
Reports from Travelers abroad have noticed an increase perhaps a build up of Mongbats in the areas adjacent to Haven and advisor suggest that some evil forces will at some point rally these evil and vile hordes into attacking our beloved town of Haven.

The King has offered rewards to those that would help defend the Town of Haven when the time comes. as dispatched riders to distant lands asking for those that are able to come. and train and prepare for the day when all our skill and courage will be required to defend Haven and the rest of the Kingdom.

"Let them gain a foothold in Haven and the entire Kingdom is doomed says I" A settler nearby responded when asked yesterday.

So ready yourselves Noble Warriors and Wizards Blacksmiths and Scribes. There comes a time perhaps in your life when you will be called upon to defend the Kingdom. And worry ye not all those who defend our Kingdom will be justly rewarded.

"May the Light of Yserbius Shine Forever"


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Well If i had not seen it with my own eyes. I watched Drallam defending Haven alone against the first invasion of Mongbats. He battled several thousand of them i would have to say before the night was over. they were stacked so high around him you could not see him unless he moved. That is no exageration either. We were hoping for others to log in and help but alas no one logged in. Tater was there. but we felt his Red Thong would not be appropriate battle attire so he provided moral support. Late last night i believe we pushed the first wave back finally. they swore the would be back with more friends. Let us hope that Drallam stands ready to defend Haven once again. Slohand
The FIRST WAVE!!! 8O I don't think I could go through that again. Even a guy in a red thong would of been helpful, I could of killed off a few more while they were busy pointing and laughing. :lol: Not that I am complaining, BUT, you should have a word with the guards of that town. Tell them the tavern is off limits to them until after the attack. Them coming out to help after evey third ale just didn't cut it. Looks like I will have to defend Haven again by myself, oh well, more gold for me. :D But if you would like to stop by I would be happy to have someone to fight along side of me. :/ :/ :/


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So did anybody tell me when?

I DO NOT THINK SO. I just heard some rumor about a mongbat build up. I heard NO call to arms.