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The Amazing Race YSUO !!


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The Amazing Race YSUO
is coming!!

Saturday June 3, 2006
7:30 PM Eastern

(unless people want later)

Starting From
The Bagball Field
South of Luna

Come out and have some fun!
Adventure, puzzles, prizes!

(Afterparty at Haze's Bar)


The Dread Lady Talyan, Legendary Necromancer


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"Rules" or Whatever Would Pass for Them

Since I've been asked for some details, here are the "rules":

1. Characters: This event should (technically) be able to be completed by any character (even a brand new one - so come join YSUO and play along!).

2. Dungeons: The race will NOT lead through dungeons (at least not *this* time around - can't promise as to the future :D ).

3. Money: Each participant will be given 20gp at the start. If you own a boat, you may wish to bring it (if you don't own one, boats may be borrowed at the starting line).

4. Appropriate Attire: You are welcome to wear anything you wish (or nothing - Haze this is for you). Additionally, you are welcome to ride anything you wish (no sheep please, Haze).

5. Travel: Any way you can get there is viable.

6. Tools: Have something handy to jot down notes (pen/pencil/paper, or even your little in-game book). Use of UO Automap is NOT prohibited. Neither is the use of Stratics. Heck, neither is the use of Google.

Hope this helps give you a guide. Basically, just show up and you can play along. :)

The Dread Lady Talyan, Lengendary Necromancer