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Treasure Hunt (Mar 18th)


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On Saturday March 18th approximately 8 p.m. EST, there will be another event on YSUO. This one will be slightly more complicated than the others. Not wanting to give out too much information, I can say that it will begin with a major news bulletin. You can go to the Town Crier that stands in front of the Britain bank in Trammel to hear the news.
By now you must be wondering what you will have to do during this event. Well you will have to collect a set of coordinates given to you by NPC’s. They will lead to the location of a treasure chest that contains enormous wealth. The coordinates will not be given out in order. You will have to arrange them to get the location of the treasure chest. If you have not downloaded AutoMap for Ultima Online yet, then I recommend that you do so. Carrying a sextant in your pack could also be helpful, but AutoMap will be very beneficial.
So as you read this thinking to yourself “Pffft.......easy as pie, that treasure is as good as mine.” Well friends it’s not that easy. Monsters big and small are known to be guarding the treasure and they have nothing better to do than to wait for some hapless adventurer. Teaming up with a comrade might not be a bad idea when you think you know the location of the treasure chest and are ready to make a mad dash to your new affluence.
Now for a few rules. Only ethereal mounts can be used if you are taking part in the event. No fighting pets are allowed to tag along with you. If you don’t have an ethereal mount one will be issued to you, just contact Vidar or Slo prior to the event. Anyone caught using a pet to fight for them will be thrown in jail for a half hour and forced to wear embarrassing clothing while screen shots are taken of them for the YSUO gallery. Moongates and teleports can be used but Runebooks are forbidden. Get caught with a Runebook in your pack and it’s a half hour in jail and people will be laughing at your picture in the YSUO gallery for years to come. So leave all of your Runebooks at your homes or put them into your bank box.
Warriors go polish your armor and put new grips on your mace or sharpen your sword. Mages go stock up on reagents and learn some new spells to put into your Spell book. Bards remember to restring and polish your instruments. Everyone taking part cut up some cloth and stock your pack with some bandages, you could end up in some very nasty fights. If in doubt of your fate during the coming battles insure your possessions. But don’t forget the most important thing of all......get out there and have fun.

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Only question I have is this (and I asked Haze once but thought an answer here would help anyone else considering participating):

Most "treasure chests" require someone able to pick the lock to open it. Does one need to be one with "nimble fingers"?

Thanks for posting an answer here too! :D

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No lock picking skills will be required to open the treasure chest. A banker will be placed near the location of the treasure chest so you won't need a sending bag in your pack. There will be a healer or two put in place for the event so you won't have to go far if you decide to go it alone against the monsters and end up on the ground in a pool of blood.


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You mentioned no fighting pet -- does that include summoned creatures via spells? Or just those pets that were tamed (ie, white wyrms, etc)?
It means no tamed animals. If you have the skills to summon a killer bunny, feel free to have it join in on the fighting. :wink: