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Slohand, THANK YOU! Love this, love this, love this, MWAH!

I just loaded up my version of Yserbius and I'm just giggling and spinning in my chair. I LOVE this game. I remember everyone was shocked that my levels were actually REAL (yes, they're real, not surgical). I always knew how to get everywhere and I'd be the one who would know how to get to that hard-to-get spot..."No, about three months ago I was out there and I noticed that if you jumped off this ledge you'd end up here."

I'd get vacant stares and flat out "Someone TAUGHT you that, nobody figures that out on their own."

I figured it out on my own!

Of course, I don't know where anything is anymore, but I can't wait to find out. I'm going to die 50 times before I make it through my first battle, but I don't care!